WearBarrier drum head cleaner revitalizes drum sound and response with one easy application.

WearBarrier Drum Head Cleaner & Conditioner Keeps Your Drums Sounding Their Best

Many elements come together in a drum set; cymbals, percussion, drum heads, sticks, and hardware. These varied components are put under a lot of stress by the high-impact nature of drumming. However, in terms of products to care for and optimize the sound of their instruments, drummers have been largely underserved – until now.

Formulated especially for the unique and punishing demands of drums and percussion, PROcussionCare® WearBarrier drum head cleaner and conditioner is the result of research into micro-lubricants for demanding ballistics applications. An astounding ability to penetrate and lift away deeply embedded grime and tiny debris particles ensures that your drum’s vibration and response is unrestricted. A micro-thin barrier lubricant coating remains after treatment to resist sticking impacts, promote enhanced tone, and allow increased stick rebound. Recommended application is with a soft lint-free cloth. Product quickly dries to the touch for immediate use. Available in three sizes for rehearsal room, sound studio, or touring.

WearBarrier drum head cleaner revitalizes drum sound and response with one easy application.

A Versatile Drum Head Cleaner & Conditioner

WearBarrier is also a conditioning formula for drum heads (both acoustic and electronic mesh), rims, and sticks that prevents excess wear and maximizes sound quality. The formula’s unprecedented conditioning technology removes embedded dirt and grime for better drum head-to-bearing-edge contact, creating an enhanced sweet spot.

The “sweet spot” is the central area of the drum head with the most desirable tone. Overall sound is improved, heads and sticks last longer, and tuning becomes easier and more accurate.

All these benefits in one formula:

  • Extends playing life of drum heads, stick tips and mallets
  • Enhances head-to-rim (bearing edge) contact for a larger sweet spot
  • Easier, more accurate tuning
  • Improves sustain and resonance
  • Safe to remove fingerprints and grime leaving a protective polish on drum shell surfaces
WearBarrier drum head cleaner revitalizes drum sound and response with one easy application.

WearBarrier Cleans, Lubricates & Protects All Drum Hardware

Dry-To-Touch Formula Eliminates Messy Oils and Lubricants

WearBarrier dry-to-touch drum head lubricant eliminates messy oils and lubricants.

WearBarrier drum head cleaner and conditioner is easy to apply. Its micro-filtered formula has the ability to penetrate extremely tight areas. No more bulky applicators, drips, spills or leakage with our extended aerosol applicator tip or adjustable liquid trigger sprayer.

PROcussionCare® CymbalCare Cymbal Cleaner & Metal Conditioner keeps your cymbals and gongs protected, looking fresh, and at optimal performance.

Eliminate Black Oxidation on Drum Heads!

PROcussionCare® WearBarrier drum head cleaner and  conditioner is a new product engineered to prevent the formation of black oxidation while also conditioning and cleaning the surface of extraneous marks, dirt and grime.

Music repair and rental shops, through interaction with drummers and percussionists, are all too familiar with cymbal oxidation – it’s the process that causes messy black build-up on drum heads.  Oxidation builds up quickly covering the drum head surface with black oxide deposits which are transferred from cymbals to drum heads. Once established, black oxide deposits are almost impossible to remove without damaging the drum head substrate.

This is often referred to as “stick tip transfer”. These small oxide deposits grow to eventually dampen the full vibration of  drum heads. This will lead to tuning imbalances and reduced drum dynamics.

And what about cosmetics? Dirty drum heads aren’t visually appealing especially for photo shoots and music videos. Most video producers will insist that you change out your dirty heads before the shoot.

WearBarrier drum head cleaner revitalizes drum sound and response with one easy application.

Independently Tested and Proven Effective

Above are photo images of snare drum heads that were used during a 160 hour play test. One head was treated and one untreated with PROcussionCare WearBarrier drum head cleaner and conditioner. The images clearly show the significant ability of WearBarrier to protect and reduce drum head surface wear.

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Uniquely Effective, Environmentally Responsible Drum Head Cleaner

WearBarrier drum head cleaner and  conditioner formula is non-toxic; free from harsh chemicals, silicone, graphite, and Teflon®. The proprietary formulation is made expressly for use on all modern drum heads and is the culmination of years of research and development in flex-film technologies. Our exclusive formulas have been a cornerstone of private label products since 1986.

  • Complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.
  • This is a nontoxic product that is less harmful than methanol alcohol.

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Q & A

Q:  Should WearBarrier be applied to resonate head or snare wires of a snare drum?

A:  Only if you want to dampen the sound of the snare wires. Applying WearBarrier will reduce how “crisp” your snare wires sound. WareBarrier will not affect resonate or snare wire response when applied only to batter head surfaces. And it can be safely used to clean and lubricate all hardware, lugs and tension rods.


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