Your wah pedal is supposed to make your guitar cry, not make you cry. LECTRICare® is the conductive coating for guitar electronics that solves annoying problems with noise, pops, and clicks more effectively than standard contact cleaners. The product’s dry microfilm barrier technology is an alternative to oil-based contact cleaners that often cause more problems than they solve, leaving residues that migrate and build up. From FX pedals to rack gear, LECTRICare keeps your gear well-tuned and noise free.

LECTRICare’s penetrating micro formula lifts away grime and grunge from sensitive conductive plastic and metal surfaces to create a dry, clean operating environment. A micro-film coating remains to condition and lubricate, lengthening performance life and requiring less maintenance time than other solutions. Harmful oxidation and corrosion are eliminated.

LECTRICare® is perfect for reconditioning vintage pedals, amps, and effects. The formula works on all pedals, switches, rotary pots, and input/output jacks.

Application is fast and simple with a lint-free cloth, and the included tube applicator makes it easy to condition difficult-to-access surfaces. After application your electronic gear is completely dry to the touch and is ready to play in seconds.

Dry your tears and make your guitar cry–get a handle on pedal noise and static with LECTRICare®.

Music retail and rental shops help customers realize the best possible experience with their guitar gear by stocking LECTRICare® for basic care and maintenance.

SoundSynergies LECTRICare® is available in a 2 fluid oz. aerosol, eco-friendly 4 oz. pump trigger, and 7 fluid oz. aerosol can. Also available in convenient 12-pack retail display box.

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