Here is what studios, event production, band directors, professional musicians and MI service technicians have to say about Sound Synergies.


“Over the 30 years that I’ve been repairing electronic music gear I have tried almost every cleaner out there. Nothing comes close to LECTRICare for effectiveness. I am a devotee!”

Richard Faubel
AMPLIFIED electronics

1424 Frances Street
Vancouver, BC

“I’ve been using SoundSynergies® LECTRICare® on the electronics parts and components for repair and restoration projects and also as a final conditioner for that added protection on new instruments ready for shipping. It’s an amazing product that holds up to my high standards and expectations.”

Roger Sadowsky
Sadowsky Guitars Ltd.

Roger Sadowsky is one of the most highly respected instrument makers in the world. Today, Roger leads an experienced team that is dedicated to improving building techniques and finding innovative materials to build the best instruments for his customers.
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Hi Russell,

I recently used LECTRICare on a Martin acoustic that had electronic controls on the side.  The owner had sweated so much that the sliders were no longer operating and the switches were crackly and shorting out.  I sprayed LECTRICare over the entire control panel and after only a few seconds the sliders were working again.  Another application washed everything clean and now the controls are functioning like new!

Tim Reede
Tim Reede Guitars
Minneapolis, MN, USA


My name is Ron Puccetti, and I have been doing Guitar Repair since 1981. I have been using your Sound Synergies LECTRICare® product, and I am amazed how well it works. I have used various “TV tuner” spray cleaners over the years, but nothing compares to LECTRICare®. My usual application is for cleaning pots in Guitars and Amps when they get dirty/scratchy. I will spray LECTRICare® into the pot, and before I begin to turn the shaft, the pot is nice and quiet. It is pretty much instant gratification! I highly recommend this product to anyone in my line of business. For the record, I work on 1500-2000 guitars per year, so LECTRICare® gets a lot of action.

Thank you for making such a fine product, and I look forward to using more of your products in the future.


Ron Puccetti
Ron Puccetti’s Guitar Repair
Tacoma, WA


“I’ve been ‘experimenting’ with the product in my shop for a while and impressed with it’s versatility. I used BRITETone® on 3 school french horns serviced this week. After chemically cleaning the rotors, then lubricating them,  I sprayed the casings & re-installed the rotors. Wow! I will also be promoting it to local band directors for use on their ‘summer storage’ instruments. Fortunately, I’ve discovered too that St. Louis Music is now carrying your line of goodies.”

Tom Tapscott
Sonus Instrument Repair
802 Glendale Drive
Clarksville, TN 37043
Sonus Instrument Repair

“I’ve been using SoundSynergies® BRITETone® to clean and pre-condition my horn. I’m blown away by the difference it’s made in key action and slide movement. It’s as if I play easier and the valves are effortless. I love it and strongly encourage and musician to give this stuff a try.”

Preston Smith
Innervision Records
2017 Indie Music Channel Artist of the Year
Website –


The guys in the band would always give me “the look” when one of my alto key pads would stick during a solo.  Those days are over after applying BRITEtone to all my keypads.  Super product…thanks!

Dave Croston
Notsorc Music
Multi-instrumentalist | Composer | Teacher
Michael Crain Band


A student of mine came to me to play some scales on his TROMBONE and I could hear his slide grating against the metal. I decided to spray some BRITETone on the slide, and WOW….instantly fixed the problem….this product is 100% better than slide crème or slide oil. I can’t thank you enough for helping me out not only with my tenor sax, but also with the bottle of BRITETone…’s AMAZING….

Darren Motamedy
Recording Artist | Band Director | Composer | Teacher

“I performed at the January 2016 NAMM Show in California, and became an endorser for Dakota Sax saxophones, Theo Wanne Mouth Pieces, Legere Reeds and as of 2018 I am now an enthusiastic endorser of the SoundSynergies gear maintenance product line.”

John “JSaxx” Watkins
National/International Saxophonist
Website –


Package arrived yesterday.  Today we had a stuck valve on a 10 year old baritone.  Regular valve oil would not help.  I sprayed a little of your BRITETone® product on it and it started working great.  I had a student’s trumpet that we have been wrestling with for several weeks.  His first valve would stick only occasionally and nothing we nor the repair shop seemed to help.  Sprayed a little of your BRITETone® product on it and no more sticking.  This is really good stuff.  Can’t wait to try it on some trombones.

Thank you so very much for the samples.  We look forward to doing business with you soon.

Hugh Pace, Band Director
Clinton Middle School Band
Clinton, South Carolina


Hey Guys,

Great Stuff.  Best string cleaner on the market!

Jeffrey Paul Ross
Doc Blues Records Recording Artist

Dear Sound Synergies,

As a beginner guitar player, I struggled with conditioning my fingers to the strings. My acoustic strings were tough and my Fender electric strings were stiff. With the first use of STRINGTone®, the strings were more responsive, flexible and my practice time doubled due to the comfort and less pain in my fingertips. What a difference!

Scott A Spackey
Author & Presenter

DynaGlide Plus® with HD4X™

Hey Russ,

I have been loving the DynaGlide Plus® with HD4X™ that I got from you at the Tacoma Guitar Show.  I have found it to work fantastic on everything I have sprayed it on! Sadly I ran out of it today! Can I come get some more, and some Wood Tools Conditioner™?

I have been using the STRINGTone® conditioner, it is fantastic on steel strings, no notable difference on nylon strings.  I continue to use it on the strings for all the ukuleles I build.

Zac Steimle, Musician & Luthier
Oceana Ukuleles
Port Orchard, WA

“After spending $$$$ on numerous products to protect the tools in my shop, I’m cleaning all of them, then treating them with DynaGlide® Plus Tool & Surface.”

Tom Tapscott
Sonus Instrument Repair
802 Glendale Drive
Clarksville, TN 37043
Website: Sonus Instrument Repair


“It’s not hard to get behind SoundSynergies® PROcussionCare® drum maintenance products. No other manufacturer provides a total solution for drum kit maintenance – from an industry first drumhead wear protection formula, a cymbal cleaner/conditioner that retains valuable patina, to a dry-to-the-touch/clean kick pedal lubricant.”

Genoveva Winsen
VP, Drumhead Magazine
Website –

“I am using PROcussionCare® products on my entire drum kit. I especially like WearBarrier® as it keeps my brush sound cleaner and lasting longer.”

Ron Enyard
Renowned Jazz Drummer

During his high school years, Enyard led many jazz workshop groups that performed around the state. He worked with Roland Kirk in the ’50s and had a close working relationship with Paul Plummer for many years. He was billed as the Midwest’s #1 jazz drummer at one time. Some of the artists Enyard worked with include King Pleasure, Bob Dorough, Josh Breakstone, Al Belletto, Herb Ellis, James Williams, Barney Kessel, Charlie Rouse, Woody Shaw, Dave Liebman, Jamey Aebersold, Cal Collins, Vince Wallace and Bert Wilson. Ron is also a featured artist in The Gretch Drum Book published by Rob Cook.

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