You know that sweet sound – that big, warm, clean tone that comes with putting on a new set of strings. Now you can command that killer tone whenever you want to with a quick and easy application of STRINGTone®, the maintenance and conditioning formula that’s taking the musical instrument string world by storm. Unlike other messy and largely ineffective liquid silicone string cleaners, STRINGTone®’s carrier component evaporates in minutes, leaving your strings and fretboard ready to play, dry to the touch, and wonderfully responsive to every expressive nuance. A micro-thin dry film remains to lubricate and guard against oxidation and corrosion, extending string performance life significantly. There are no troublesome build-ups or migration with repeated applications.

Guitar and other instrument strings can be notoriously difficult to clean properly, particularly wound strings that by design have many cracks and crevices that dust particles can find their way into. Only STRINGTone® penetrates through these tiny openings down to the core layer of strings, catalyzed by micro-particles that fit into the tightest of spaces to lift away stubborn contaminants and grime. Treated strings actually vibrate at a higher rate for enhanced dynamics and articulation, restoring older strings and conditioning new ones for longer performance life. Also, STRINGTone® is for more than just strings–it’s also extremely effective in the maintenance of instrument hardware like frets, bridges, tuners, pick-ups, etc.

From strings of acoustic and electric guitars to mandolins and ukuleles to pianos to classical violins, violas, and cellos, STRINGTone works regardless of string type, including variations like coated or gut violin strings. Until now, guitarists and other stringed players have had precious few maintenance products to keep their cherished instruments performing at full potential – with STRINGTone®, players finally have a proven, inexpensive option when it comes to keeping their axe looking and sounding as amazing as it did on the showroom floor.

STRINGTone® is part of the vital new trend in musical instrument maintenance that will keep musicians and music tech people coming through your door. Also check out: SoundSynergies BRITETone®; LECTRICare® – Music Electronics, Stage/Lighting, and Cine/Broadcast; PROcussionCare® – WearBarrier, CymbalCare, and PedalLube.

Complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.

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