SoundSynergies® would like to help your drumheads last longer–much longer. That is one of the main reasons SoundSynergies® recently introduced PROcussionCare WearBarrier, a new conditioning/maintenance formula that not only preserves that “like-new” feel and sound for up to four times longer, but also provides the feel of a larger “sweet spot” on drumheads, the area in the head’s center that responds with optimal tone and resonance. The new WearBarrier formula was created specifically to prolong performance life, increase rebound, and provide the best possible sonic response for drum heads, drum sticks, and mallet tips. Recommended to use when breaking in new drumheads, WearBarrier conditions the synthetic fibers used in drumheads, allowing greater flexibility and resistance to breakage.

The numerous stick marks that quickly accumulate on drumheads actually largely consist of oxides that are transferred from sticks to cymbals through play. WearBarrier prevents these black, grimy oxide build-ups from making drumheads old before their time. Now with a quick, easy application of WearBarrier drummers can preserve the punch and projection of new
drumheads while cutting down on the expense and hassle of frequent head changes. SoundSynergies synthesized the new WearBarrier formula out of four precisely balanced active agents with an emphasis on load-bearing capability–that is key to its amazing ability to prevent sticking impacts. Check out for photo comparisons of snare drums with and without WearBarrier used in 160-hour performance tests.

WearBarrier also excels as a dry-to-the-touch lubricant for all metal parts including rims, lugs, rods, stands, and racks. The formula is also perfect for the care of both wrapped and wood drum shells, as it both protects the drums from scuffing and marks and is safe for use on fine woods and lacquer finishes. PROcussionCare® WearBarrier is part of the total suite of maintenance and conditioning products for drum and percussion instruments from SoundSynergies®, including PROcussionCare® CymbalCare and PedalLube.

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