SoundSynergies maintains a healthy environment and keeps you sounding your best! Our formulas condition instruments in all major music categories against oxidation and corrosion, leaving them ready to play with smooth, responsive sound and feel.

SoundSynergies maintenance and conditioning formulas allow student and professional musicians to prevent harmful oxidation and microbial growth with a quick, non-toxic spray application that’s both planet– and player–friendly. These hydrophobic (moisture-repelling) formulas eliminate condensation and humidity, providing an ideal clean, dry environment. Your instrument is ready to play in minutes, with smooth, responsive sound and feel.

SoundSynergies’ targeted formulas penetrate to lift away grime and contaminants that trap corrosive moisture. Removes dried oil deposits and blocks unhealthy mold and bacteria growth by eliminating moisture and condensation. Customized corrosion inhibitors in each formula deliver comprehensive metal conditioning. The aerosol solvent that delivers the conditioning agents disappears in seconds, leaving an inert dry-to-the-touch micro-barrier lubricant film for long-lasting protection.

All SoundSynergies products are non-toxic and can be used by musicians of all ages. Will not damage sensitive components, plastics, cork, lacquer finishes or other wood surfaces. And easy cleanup with detergent and warm water.

SoundSynergies Products cover the range of music instrument and gear applications: STRINGTone® String Conditioner; LECTRICare® Music/Electronics, Stage Sound/Lighting, and Cine/Broadcast for Video; PROcussionCare® Wear Barrier, Cymbal Care, and Pedal Lube; and BRITETone® for Brass & Winds.

SoundSynegies® products comply with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.

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