SoundSynergies®, of Tacoma, WA, announced the release of a new product in its LECTRICare® line of music maintenance products: LECTRICare® Music Electronics

Music Electronics, created expressly to maintain, condition, and lubricate electronic music gear and components. One quick and easy application of LECTRICare® Music Electronics with spray applicator or lint-free cloth optimizes and safeguards the performance of electronics by lifting away and removing grime and other foreign substances that accumulate over time to diminish performance and cause drop-outs and distortion. The formula protects sensitive electronics with a unique micro-barrier coating which guards against the adverse effects of humidity, oxidation, and other polluting environments and climatic conditions. LECTRICare® Music Electronics with built-in long term protection is safe and effective for use on all metal and conductive plastic surfaces. It won’t harm plastics, cork, lacquer, wood finishes, or vinyl.

SoundSynergies® CEO Jim Akers said “Our objective in creating LECTRICare® Music Electronics is to offer a product to satisfy the tech side of music maintenance – mastering, processing, amplification, recording, and live sound reinforcement gear. This new formula, engineered to satisfy the demands of the high-end gear market, empowers the pro, the semi-pro, and the hobbyist to maximize and protect the investment they’ve made in music gear.”

LECTRICare® Music Electronics is currently available in a 2 fl. oz. aerosol, 4 fl. oz. trigger sprayer, and 7 fl. oz. aerosol can.  All Sound Synergies products comply with California “VOC” air quality and safety regulatory requirements.

Russell Reed, 253-365-3510
Jim Akers, 1-800-825-9256