Whether you play traditional island tunes or explore contemporary ukulele fusion styles, you’ll love what STRINGTone does for your uke’s sound and feel.

STRINGTone increases sonic clarity and brings richer tone to all kinds of ukuleles–tenor, baritone, concert, soprano, etc., by removing sound-deadening grime and residues from strings. It also extends the performance life of both new and used strings, conditioning synthetic strings to prevent drying and cracking for improved durability.

STRINGTone’s special formula penetrates into all windings and string surfaces to remove grime and skin acids while guarding against harmful oxidation and corrosion. Conditions and protects frets and fretboards; resists fingerprints on neck and body.  Application is quick and easy with a lint-free cloth. Treated strings have been shown in acoustics lab tests to resonate more for more dynamics, fuller tone, and longer sustain.

While other common string conditioners are Teflon® or silicone-based, STRINGTone® is dry-to-the-touch and non-oily, and won’t leave behind troublesome residue build up that attracts dirt. The formula is ideal for all strings–standard, coated, metal, synthetic, & gut. All core surfaces of wound strings are lubricated for consistent stretch precision and elasticity.  For all ukuleles and other stringed instruments–guitars, basses, violins, etc. Also conditions and lubricates all metal and non-metal parts including nuts, bridges, saddles, jacks, plugs, etc. and won’t damage sensitive components, lacquer finishes or other wood surfaces.

Available in three sizes, ideal for use in the shop, on the road, or in the studio.

STRINGTone® is safe for use on all child and adult instruments. It complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.

For further information contact:
Russell Reed, 253-365-3510 – russ@soundsynergies.net
Jim Akers, 1-800-825-9256 – jim@soundsynergies.net