SoundSynergies is all about synergy–and the power of synergy is what makes this dynamic duo of music conditioning and maintenance products work together so well for those who make their living doing musical instrument rental and repair. The two formulas provide total care and conditioning for stringed instruments and all the tech gear that goes with them. STRINGTone® covers the instrument string part of the equation, while LECTRICare® is engineered for music electronics and sound reinforcement applications such as amplifiers, effects units, switches, potentiometers, etc.

A set of guitar strings can total more than 1,500” of wound surfaces. One simple and fast application of STRINGTone® with the included spray applicator and a lint-free cloth goes deep into string windings, displacing contaminants like dust particles, smoke, and sweat. STRINGTone®’s micro-structure provides an unmatched ability to penetrate and remove contaminants before they cause oxidation and corrosion that can compromise your guitar tone and feel. Treated strings resonate more for dynamic, full-range tone and sustain.

While other common string conditioners use silicone and other messy liquids, STRINGTone® is dry-to-the-touch and non-oily, with no residue or migration to worry about. The formula is ideal for all strings–standard, coated, metal, synthetic, & gut. All core surfaces of wound strings are lubricated for consistent stretch precision and elasticity. The product works for virtually any instrument with strings–guitar, bass, mandolin, piano, violin/viola/cello and other stringed instruments. Also conditions and lubricates all metal parts including bridge, saddle, tuners, tremolo, and won’t damage sensitive components, lacquer finishes or other wood surfaces.

After conditioning strings with STRINGTone®, the next step is to use LECTRICare® to maintain the supporting electronics and backline gear for the instrumentalists–amps, mixers, effects, PA gear, etc. LECTRICare® Music/Electronics conditioning and lubricant formula helps to ensure any sound system is glitch and static-free by lifting away and removing embedded dust and grime that can cause distortion and drop-outs. The formula maximizes the electronic contact and conductivity of conductive metal and plastic surfaces, and leaves a micro-barrier dry film coating that coats sensitive electronics to guard against environmental conditions like extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust micro-particles. For on-the-fly sound system problem diagnoses and repair, there’s nothing quite like LECTRICare®, with its ability to instantly kill static and fix drop-outs on contact within a few seconds.

  • Available in three sizes, ideal for use in the shop, on the road, or in the studio.
  • Complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.

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