In between string changes, maintain optimal tone and response with STRINGTone®, specifically engineered to evaporate in minutes, leaving your strings more resonant, performance-ready, dry-to-the-touch, and incredibly responsive. A micro-thin dry film remains to lubricate and guard against oxidation and corrosion for longer instrument performance life–all without the build-ups and migration of common silicone conditioners that can cause problems with fine finishes and sensitive electronics.

In a standard set of electric bass strings there are 128’ of string, or 1,536 inches of linear windings and core. Besides being an interesting factoid, this information addresses a key component of wound strings–with this amount of surface area to lube and condition, there is actually a significant amount of high-friction load bearing going on. Accordingly, STRINGTone is engineered for 3,300lbs. of load-bearing capacity to address friction and pressure issues. Going back to our set of bass strings, with 1,500 inches of wound string surface, a typical tune-up with an application of STRINGTone® will cost .002¢ per foot, so making your strings sing won’t break the bank.

STRINGTone-treated strings vibrate more for enhanced dynamics and articulation. Older strings are restored to full fidelity while new ones are conditioned to last longer. From strings of acoustic and electric guitars to mandolins and ukuleles to pianos to classical violins, violas, and cellos, STRINGTone works regardless of string type, including variations like coated or gut violin strings. STRINGTone® is also extremely effective in the maintenance of instrument hardware like frets, bridges, tuners, pick-ups, etc.

A special tip: Pre-stretch new strings with STRINGTone for your customers. This will cut down on string break-in and tuning time.

SoundSynergies formulas are based on micro-particle technologies that have been evolving since 1986, and are key ingredients in several successful products for boundary film lubrication and high-impact ballistics applications. These formulas harness micron-sized particles that penetrate deep to the base levels of metals, lifting away and removing grime and contaminants. A micro-barrier film remains to protect and lubricate to preserve instrument life. Micro-technology also activates SoundSynergies’ dry-to-the-touch lubricant, providing amazing playability under demanding conditions.

SoundSynergies products are non-toxic and safe for body contact when used as directed, and have been approved for use in food and cosmetic products. Formulas are not petroleum or silicon based so there is no oily mess, migration, or build-up to worry about. SoundSynergies® offers eight distinct formulas covering all the most common musical instrument and gear categories.

STRINGTone® is part of a new trend in musical instrument maintenance products that puts the focus on your repair shop or maintenance service. See: SoundSynergies BRITETone®; LECTRICare® Music Electronics, Stage/Lighting, and Cine/Broadcast; PROcussionCare® WearBarrier, CymbalCare, and PedalLube. All SoundSynergies formulas comply with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.

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