Electronic music and sound reinforcement gear performs night after night in shows where pristine sound quality is not a goal–it’s an absolute necessity. LECTRICare® Music Electronics has been developed over years of research for exceptional conditioning and maintenance of critical electronic systems to make certain that the show goes on.

Professional sound reinforcement, repair and rental services, and retail shops all assist customers in getting the best performance from their music gear. LECTRICare® Music Electronics is an incredibly effective solution in dealing with any issues of noise and static, usually in 30 seconds or less, making it an ideal add-on purchase for nearly any electronic component.

Leading-edge micro-barrier technology allows conditioning down to the base surface of metals to lift away grime and corrosion. A micro-film protective coating remains to condition hybrid conductive plastic surfaces for error-free audio. LECTRICare® is engineered to never build up or migrate.

LECTRICare® protects gear from humidity, smoke, and other foreign substances. The formula conditions and lubricates amps, effects units, mixing consoles, pedals, potentiometers, and all other metal parts. Formulated to be effective with several dissimilar metals that require numerous versions of products from competitive brands.

Application is quick and easy with a convenient spray applicator or lint-free cloth, and dries to the touch in seconds. Will not harm plastics, cork, lacquer, wood, or vinyl finishes, and complies with all California “VOC” regulations.

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