Music repair and rental shops, through interaction with drummers and percussionists, are all too familiar with oxidation – it’s the process that causes messy black build-up on cymbals, quickly covering the cymbal surface with black marks that are then transferred to drumheads and drums. These small oxidation deposits grow to eventually restrict the full vibration of cymbals and drums, and will eventually lead to destructive corrosion. PROcussionCare® CymbalCare is a new product engineered to prevent the formation of black oxidation while also conditioning and cleaning the cymbal surface of extraneous marks and fingerprints.

An important aspect of CymbalCare that sets it apart from other cymbal cleaners and solutions is that CymbalCare will not effect the patina, subtle surface features that give cymbals their individual sonic character. Other cleaners use stripping and polishing agents that result in a unnaturally bright, harsh sound. CymbalCare’s gentle dry-to-the-touch formula is engineered to remove debris and foreign substances while preserving the cymbal patina for full-range, naturally attenuated tone.

SoundSynergies® product line includes several other formulas specifically for drums and percussion, including PROcussionCare® WearBarrier and PedalLube. WearBarrier is a particularly good fit used simultaneously with CymbalCare, as WearBarrier forms a protective conditioning micro-barrier on drumheads, much like CymbalCare treats cymbal surfaces for enhanced response. PedalLube is formulated to clean, condition, and lubricate all drum pedals, hi-hat-stands, racks, and hardware. Together, the three formulas constitute a total maintenance regimen to keep drum, percussion, and other metal instruments functioning at peak potential.

CymbalCare also excels in the care of the other metal instruments in the band & orchestra pantheon, including marching cymbals, gongs, mallet percussion, and metal parts of brass instruments like trumpet, trombone, etc.

The business of music repair and rental is looking to be busier than ever, with new classes of products such as SoundSynergies® offering expanded opportunities for assisting music retail customers in maximizing their enjoyment of musical instruments and gear that they have purchased.

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