Extreme Close-Up Images offer Visual Proof…STRINGTone® Works!

Microscopic images show how STRINGTone® removes the grime, oxidation, and contamination that can quickly accumulate to rob your instrument of tone and sustain and produce slower, stickier playing response.

String after STRINGTone application

STRINGTone®’s unique formula:

  • Conditions strings while removing grim in One-Step!
  • Improved Resonance and Sustain
  • Increases string flexibility and enables quicker fretting
  • Cleans and Conditions bridges, nuts, tremolos, springs & tuners
  • Protects fine woods & delicate components – does not migrate or build up
  • Safe for all plastics and finishes
  • Excellent for guitar, bass, mandolin, and virtually all string instruments
  • Safely removes spent rosin from gut strings
  • Works on all coated, non-coated, metal, gut and synthetic strings
  • Costs about $0.25 per application

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