SoundSynergie®, of Tacoma, WA, announced today that the company is donating 20 cases of their PROcussionCare® drum care general use formula to school bands and instructors at the upcoming 2016 West Kentucky Percussion Festival. The products, with a retail value of $4,700., will be distributed by Royal Music Company in co-sponsorship along with SoundSynergies®.

The 2016 West Kentucky Percussion Festival, held in Greenville, KY on March 26, offers clinics aimed at high school and middle school students that are informative for educators and college students as well. Performing groups range from elementary through high school. Other highlights include solo percussion performances by high school and university level students. PROcussionCare is a spray-on conditioning and maintenance formula for use on drums, percussion, instruments, cymbals, pedals, racks and other hardware. PROcussionCare’s unique micro-barrier composition conditions and protects instrument surfaces for superior response and tone.

SoundSynergies® Vice President Russell Reed says: “Our main goal and objective here is to support students in music as a crucial part of the education process. SoundSynergies is dedicated to music and properly maintaining all the fine instruments involved in the music-making process, to ensure ease of use and the best sound possible for the life of the instrument. Proper maintenance that is simple, easy, & fast has now come of age with our comprehensive products.”

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