SoundSynergies®, of Tacoma, WA, announces the availability of STRINGTone, a formula for deep cleaning and conditioning of guitar strings, adding to the full line of advanced-technology maintenance and instrument care products SoundSynergies has created for the music industry.

STRINGTone is fundamentally different from other products currently available for string and guitar care; an advanced targeted formula with the ability to penetrate beneath the string surface down to the string core due to its innovative micro-particle structure. Our dry to the touch formula removes dirt and grime while leaving a debris resistant barrier that is not slimy, slick or wet to the touch like many other string lubricants.

A quick and easy application of STRINGTone with a lint-free cloth results in a fast penetrating formula that works down to the core level of musical instrument strings, lifting away deeply embedded grime and debris, allowing strings to resonate more for dynamic, full-range tone and sustain. All core surfaces of a wound string are lubricated for consistent stretch precision and elasticity.

STRINGTone restores and renews all strings: standard, coated, metal, and synthetic, and is ideal for guitar, bass, and other stringed instruments. Also conditions all metal parts including bridge, saddle, tuners, tremolo, etc. It will not damage sensitive components, lacquer finishes or other wood surfaces. The formula does not build up or migrate, and significantly extends string performance life.

SoundSynergies® CEO Jim Akers says, “Innovative micro-particle conditioning products like STRINGTone allow customers to maintain and extend the life of their equipment, while enhancing instrument performance and getting full value out of their equipment purchase.”

Complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.

Russell Reed, 253-365-3510
Jim Akers, 1-800-825-9256