Stewart MacDonald has supplied tools, parts and electronics to guitar techs and players since 1968. Their tools are used by major guitar companies and repair shops everywhere. Many were invented by StewMac.

A staff of experienced luthiers really uses the products they sell. They are constantly inventing and refining their tools, electronics and parts.

The innovative luthiers who have developed StewMac’s products include:
Dan Erlewine, repairman and author
Don MacRostie, creator of Red Diamond mandolins
Erick Coleman, repairman and tech expert
Todd Sams, creator of Sams Guitars

Since 1968 Stewart MacDonald has supplied tools, parts and electronics to guitar techs and players.

Sound Synergies musical instrument care products | LECTRICare® Music Electronics cleans and conditions all electronic music gear, electronics, jacks, connectors, switches and more.

StewMac LECTRICare®

“We’ve used many contact cleaners in the past, but this has become our new favorite. It works fasts and protects much longer than other cleaners. And the smaller size bottles are perfect for guitar cases, gig bags, or road cases. We keep a bottle handy for every gig!”

“And we use it on EVERYTHING: guitars, amps, mixers, pedals, jacks, switches, pots, tube and fuse sockets, circuit boards, MIDI and IEC connections—any electrical component you can’t risk failing.”

~Stewart MacDonald

Sound Synergies Musical Instrument Care Products | STRINGTone® Guitar Parts/Strings guitar string lubricant also safely cleans spent rosin from all string instruments without harm to sensitive finishes.

StewMac STRINGTone®

“Where STRINGTone really shines is cleaning, conditioning, and lubricating your hardware. Bridge saddles, tremolos/vibratos, and nuts all function and play better when clean and lubricated. Unlike other spray or powdered lubricants, STRINGTone leaves no residue, and does not build up or leave a sticky feeling. All you’ll notice is better performance: cleaner bends, dive bombs, and silky vibrato.”

~Stewart MacDonald

DynaGlide Plus® Tool Surface Lubricant Extends All Cutting/Drilling/Routing and Tool Life and more!

StewMac DynaGlide Plus® Tool & Conditioner

“It’s always in use around the shop, most often with nut slotting and fret crowning files!”

We use it on any tool that needs smooth and consistent cutting or filing.

Here’s just a few ways we use it everyday. With just a quick spray:
Fret crowning and nut slotting files give chatter-free results
Drill, router, and rotary tool bits cut cleaner
Saw blades glide through any woods
Conditions tool tables for a non-gumming, resin, and adhesive resistant coating

Erick Coleman
StewMac Advisor and Repairman

Please contact Sound Synergies if you have any questions or concerns about any of our products.  Thank you for your support.

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