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The author/publisher of these instructions and Sound Synergies will accept no responsibility for any injuries or damage suffered by anyone as a result of carelessness or misinterpretation of the instructions/information contained in our videos and website content.  Proper electrical safety procedures must always be practiced when working around high voltage tube amplifiers.  If you are not completely familiar with these safety practices, do not attempt any work on your amp before becoming completely familiar with proper safety procedures.  Please consult with a professional amplifier repair technician if you are uncertain about any aspect of amp repair.

BE SURE THAT THE AMP IS UNPLUGGED AND THE FILTER CAPS HAVE BEEN PROPERLY DISCHARGED!!!  Tube amplifiers contain high voltage that can kill you, even if the amp has been off and unplugged for days!!!  Safe discharge can usually be accomplished by turning the amp off, unplugging it, and flipping the standby switch to the “play” mode.  If your amp has no standby switch, just unplug it and leave it “on” for several minutes.  After a few minutes, your amp should be safe to work on.  To insure safety, double check by reading the voltage on pin#1 of any preamp tube and pin#3 of any power tube.  There should be 3 volts or less.