SoundSynergies® and St. Louis Music are partnering to revitalize local retail sales through providing innovative music gear care and maintenance products and locally focused marketing programs that promote the importance of music instrument maintenance and investment protection. The objective is to work closely with individual music retailers, rental and repair shops to develop and promote maintenance programs and increase customer awareness. Use product sales and support services in order to build better customer relations, promote repeat business and increase in-store traffic.

St. Louis Music is one of the largest distributors of musical instruments and accessories in North America distributing over 10,000 products from over 150 leading brands and manufacturers in the music products industry. St. Louis Music supplies into all types of music stores; from band and orchestra specialists, guitar stores, drum stores, school music dealers, and of course general music retailers too.

Now St. Louis Music has taken steps to promote and develop the maintenance and service segment of the music business by taking on the SoundSynergies comprehensive line of instrument and gear maintenance products.  At last music retailers can choose from eight unique gear care and maintenance formulas each engineered for use within a distinct category of music that includes; wind instruments, string instruments, music and stage electronics, and percussion instruments.

The collaboration of St. Louis Music and SoundSynergies gives the local dealer the edge over online competitors by providing a host of dealer support programs that help with sales and marketing to targeted local customers.

  • Direct marketing through social media targeted at local customers and their unique area of music interest (The content of the marketing message is totally customizable for any dealer selling agenda or customer need).
  • In-store maintenance display graphics; POP displays (small, medium and large), maintenance info-graphic posters (product use and application information).
  • National maintenance awareness advertising in major music magazines
  • School or In-store clinics and demos conducted by nationally recognized musicians.
  • Custom dealer retail accessory catalog; 250 page, full color, branded with the dealer’s store (for use as an aid in marketing to schools, churches, marching bands and colleges, or as a giveaway for in-store customers).
  • drop ship services
  • Private label manufacturing

For more information contact:

St. Louis Music
1400 Ferguson Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63133 U.S.A.
Telephone: (+1) 314-727-4512

Russell Reed
Sound Synergies Co.
3404 – 84th Street East
Tacoma, WA 98446