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Sergio Michel

American Hard Rock Musician and Actor

Sergio Michel is an American hard rock musician; a national level headliner known world-wide for his unique style of guitar playing & lively/aggressive performances, network TV actor & crossover boxing personality. 2024 starts with a performance at The 7th Annual Metal Hall of Fame gala in January & appearances at the 2024 NAMM Show. In the Spring of 2024, he embarks on a tour in support of his album, Tropical Depression, then begins tracking on his follow-up for 2024 release. Sergio was also a guest performer at 2023’s Metal Hall of Fame induction of Armored Saint. He holds an artist endorsement with Sound Synergies. In 2022, Sergio was booked to support the legendary Graham Bonnet on his tour of Spain.

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2021 started with the release of double album, “Tropical Depression” on the Cold War Relic record label. The release news is covered in outlets like Brave Words, New Noise, Concert Crap & The Surf radio network. Previously, in 2020 Sergio went on a US national tour with Soulfly & Toxic Holocaust.

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Since 2015, Sergio has been consistently headlining legendary venues like The Whisky A Go Go, The Rainbow Bar & Grill, The Viper Room, and The Canyon, captivating audiences with his electrifying performances. In 2019, Sergio’s autographed photo found its place of honor on the walls of the prestigious Sunset Strip landmark, the Rainbow Bar & Grill, as well as the headliner dressing room of the world-renowned Whisky A Go Go, and the esteemed celebrity wall of Nick’s Cafe in Beverly Hills. Notably, Sergio was also featured on a segment of NBC’s The Voice, where The Whisky’s iconic marquee proudly displayed his name as the headliner, igniting a sense of awe and admiration.

In 2018, Sergio made waves by re-issuing his powerful albums ‘Uplifting ‘Depressing’ Music’ and ‘Cry Out’, with the latter producing the breakout hit single ‘Hey Eyes’ that reverberated throughout the music scene. Sergio’s 2013 release ‘Marry Me, Cindy’ became an internet sensation with its viral single ‘I Close My Eyes’, garnering an astounding 189,000 viral plays, and earning double verification as a trending phenomenon. Similarly, his second single from the album, ‘Bow Down’, enjoyed an impressive ten-time verification as a trending hit.

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Beyond his musical talents, Sergio has also made his mark as a versatile actor, gracing the screens as a principal character in several highly-rated dramatic series such as Telemundo’s #1 hit ‘Corazón Valiente’ and ‘El Rostro de la Venganza’, as well as American TV shows like the gripping MMA-themed drama ‘Kingdom’. Media outlets like MTV, Fox News, and TMZ have also recognized Sergio’s star power, further solidifying his place in popular culture.

It comes as no surprise that in 2016, Sergio Michel was ranked as the #22 most famous American of Hispanic heritage by Famous Fix, while Top-On-Social calculated him as the #4 most searched-for musician on Facebook!

Sergio Michel Rocks!

Additionally, Sergio’s Twitter handle received a notable accolade from Klout, placing him in the top 12% of influential users. In his early career, Sergio dominated the metal scene in the Miami market, securing the coveted #1 spot on the ReverbNation charts in November 2014. As he transitioned to Hollywood, CA, Sergio’s musical prowess continued to shine, as he effortlessly claimed and maintained the #1 spot throughout 2020, captivating fans and critics alike.

Sergio Michel is a force to be reckoned with, a charismatic performer who continues to inspire and captivate audiences with his unrivaled musical talents and magnetic presence.

Sergio Michel

As seen on The Voice, MTV, TMZ.

Sound Synergies endorsing artists have tested our products and proven them in the field.

Listen to 19 song double album Tropical Depression & find all the sites at link below:


Based in Hollywood, CA
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Cold War Relic

YouTube Page

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