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Unmatched Versatility and Performance for Total Music Instrument Care & Maintenance at Minimal Cost!

No other product line offers new technologies in the form of eight formulas for total care and maintenance of all the instruments in major music gear categories. STRINGTone Guitar Parts/Strings; LECTRICare Music Electronics, LECTRICare Stage Sound/Lighting, and LECTRICare Cine/Broadcast; PROcussionCare WearBarrier, PROcussionCare CymbalCare, and PROcussionCare PedalLube; BRITETone Wind Instruments. SoundSynergies eliminates the need for a shopping cart full of various care products, tackling the specific needs of guitars, electronic gear, percussion, and brass and wind instruments with powerful, versatile targeted formulas that are unlike anything else on the market. Sound Synergies music instrument care products provide great value, with easy, low-cost, long-lasting application that go beyond typical single-purpose care products.  Sound Synergies keeps your instrument and gear ready to perform at its peak potential.