SoundSynergies® maintenance provides a new department and profit source for local music stores.

SoundSynergies® is dedicated to help increase retail profits and surpass online competition – with a full line of music gear maintenance products and effective promotional programs to move product off the shelf.

Attract qualified customers with a comprehensive selection of music maintenance products, targeted local social media messaging, and a coordinated national advertising program.
1. National advertising – Year-round placement of SoundSynergies® branded maintenance awareness campaigns and maintenance product advertising in six of the most popular national music magazines. All messaging promotes the vital role of the local music retailer in helping customers understand the importance of instrument care and gear maintenance. Each ad includes a call to action that encourages the customer to seek maintenance products at a preferred local music retailer.
2. Social Media – Instant placement of local geo-targeted social media messaging (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to reach local customers living in the same zip code area as your music store. Additionally, by using magazine subscription data as well as the music gear online search history of individuals we are able to put subject specific promotions in front of qualified customers. Maintenance information and tips appear prominently in the news feed of the customer’s favorite social media page. All maintenance messages carry a call to action along with the location and contact information of your music store.
3. E-Blasts – E-blasts are sent to your store’s customer e-mail list or to the national subscriber e-mail lists of select music publications. The e-mail carries messaging about the importance of maintenance for one or more select instrument or gear categories. Each e-blast advertisement links to your specific dealer landing page or to a dealer locater page where customers are instructed to choose from a list of local retailers or regional online sources.
4. Website Banner Ads – SoundSynergies maintenance products banner ads are placed on the websites of select national music publications and may be geo-targeted by state or multi-state region. Each maintenance product banner advertisement is targeted to a specific music category based on the focus of the publication where the banner ad is placed. The banner is then linked to a specific dealer landing page or a dealer locater landing page where customers may choose from a list of local retailer stores or purchase direct from a regional online resource.
All SoundSynergies® maintenance promotional programs may be customized and tailored to affordably help you build maintenance product inventory while effectively promoting those products and related services. We recognize that each retailer’s need is unique. Contact us to discuss the custom maintenance program that best suits you. Email: or call 253.535.6500