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Cymbal Cleaning and Maintenance

PROcussionCare® CymbalCare

Drummers and percussionists have had few choices when it comes to taking care of their vitally important cymbal collection. Many commonly available cymbal care products contain polishes that will strip away everything on a cymbal’s surface, resulting in a very shiny polished finish and an unfortunately harsh, brittle sound quality.

CymbalCare is designed to lift and remove dust and grime away without damaging the cymbal’s patina, surface features that are the result of a cymbal’s natural aging process. This patina is vital to cymbals’ naturally attenuated sound quality. CymbalCare will remove excess grime for an attractive natural buffed finish that does not affect the patina. The cymbal’s natural tonal spectrum and rich overtones are restored, enhancing sticking definition and response.

  • Restores & conditions cymbal surfaces without strippers or harmful polishes
  • Cymbals more resistant to cracking
  • Preserves cymbal patina for natural sound
  • Enhances resonance and stick response
  • Silicone and Teflon free with no added detergents
  • Complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.

CymbalCare’s non-toxic formula is made for use on drumheads (acoustic & electronic) stick tips, and hard mallet heads. The proprietary formulation is the culmination of years of research and development in flex-film technologies, and has been a cornerstone of private label products since 1986.

For more information visit: CymbalCare®

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Drum Head Cleaning & Mounting

PROcussionCare® WearBarrier

Many elements come together in a drum set: cymbals; percussion; drumheads; sticks; and hardware. These varied components are put under a lot of stress by the high-impact nature of drumming. However, in terms of products to care for and optimize the sound of their instruments, drummers have been largely underserved – until now.

PROcussionCare® WearBarrier is a conditioning formula for drumheads (both acoustic and electronic mesh), rims, and sticks that prevents excess wear and maximizes sound quality. The formula’s unprecedented conditioning technology removes embedded dirt and grime for better-drumhead-to-bearing-edge contact, creating an enhanced sweet spot, the central area of the drumhead with the most desirable tone. Overall sound is improved, heads and sticks last longer, and tuning becomes easier and more accurate. Putting ProcussionCare® WearBarrier in your gig bag ensures your drums will always sound and look their best under the demands of heavy touring.

  • Extends playing life of drumheads/stick tips/mallets
  • Enhances head-to-rim contact for a larger sweet spot
  • Easier, more accurate tuning
    Improves sustain and resonance
  • Complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.

For more information visit: WearBarrier®

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Kick Pedal Cleaning and Maintenance

PROcussionCare® PedalLube

PROCussionCare® PedalLube is a specialized lubricant formula that lifts away and removes dust and grime, then provides a micro-thin lubricant barrier to eliminate noise and facilitate silky-smooth playing response.

PedalLube is recommended for kick pedals, hi-hats stands, thrones, mounts, and all other moving metal parts of the drum set. Once applied, the formula will not migrate or build up. Will not affect fine drum shell finishes.

PedalLube’s conditioning and lubricant formula transforms the maintenance of bass drum pedals, hi-hats, racks, and other drum hardware where instant response and noise-free performance is vital. Annoying squeaks, friction, or sluggish response can disrupt your groove on the drums. PROCussionCare takes care of all these potential problems in one easy step.

PedalLube also decreases cross-talk among toms, snare, and cymbals, with enhanced lubricity acting to isolate the vibration of the various drum set components and increase the clarity and separation of your drums during performance.

Have PROcussionCare PedalLube ready in your road case or gig bag to ensure that your hardware is up to the job no matter where you perform. Three sizes are ideal for use in the shop, on the road, or in the studio.

  • For kick pedals, hi-hats, & all moving metal parts of drum hardware
  • Reduces Pedal Lag Time to Near Zero
  • Removes grime and contaminants for smoother, quieter playing action
  • Prevents harmful friction and wear
    Environmentally responsible.
  • Complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.
  • This is a nontoxic product that is less harmful than methanol alcohol.

For more information visit: PedalLube®

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Michael Levine on PROcussionCare®

Michael Levine and Sound Synergies® PROcussionCare® Products

Michael Levine demonstrates the TAMA holy trinity of snares and what he likes about Sound Synergies® PROcussionCare® products. Thank you for your support Michael and special thanks to our drummer/artist-rep Lance Cary Bennington.

For more information click here.

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