Micro-Images Show how PROCussionCare® Products Remove Grime for Maximum Performance

Microscopic images show how CymbalCare® removes the grime, oxidation, and contamination that can quickly accumulate to rob your cymbals and gongs of tone and sustain.

These SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) images presented were taken at the University of Puget Sound Science Core Facility. The University of Puget Sound is an independent third-party and not affiliated with Sound Synergies. All our SEM images were taken under strict environmental controls and clearly illustrate the amazing results of SoundSynergies® products on a variety of new and well used components from musical instruments to sound producing equipment.

PROcussionCare® products; CymbalCare®, WearBarrier®, and PedalLube® are the only percussion instrument cleaners and conditioners that:

    • Penetrates to gently remove grit and grime on drums, heads, cymbals, and hardware, without stripping away valuable metal patina for unrestricted resonance and sustain
    • Provides a lubricating barrier against the corrosion and grime that interferes with clean, fluid drum head-to-drum rim contact
    • Hear and Feel your drumhead’s expanded sweet spot and deep, warm tonal quality
    • Improves drumhead tone and stick rebound
    • The only dry lubricant for drum pedals
    • Clean & protects all drum shell finishes from marring and oxidation
    • Will not remove valuable patinas or stenciling
    • Safe on all metals, woods and plastics
    • Costs less than $1.00 for tune ups

Important Note:
PROCussionCare® products are not strippers or tarnish removers.

Please be advised that most polishes and cleaners will strip away valuable patina.