Expect MORE from your gear maintenance and care products. SoundSynergies delivers with its unique micro barrier-film technology that has set a new standard for innovation in gear care and maintenance to include enhancement of personal instrument and gear performance, backline sound management and rentals, brick and mortar service and repair, manufacturer preventative pre-treatment and product bundling. 

Add depth and breadth to your brand and bottom line through having a committed maintenance, care and repair program. Reap the benefits of…product leveraging, up-selling, and value-added promotions in the form of repeat sales of consumables, increased in-store visits and customer loyalty and retention. 

No other product line offers new technologies in the form of uniquely compounded formulas for total care and maintenance of all instrument and music gear categories. SoundSynergies eliminates the need for a shopping cart full of various care products, tackling the specific needs of all string instruments, electronic gear, stage sound and lighting, video, percussion, and wind instruments with powerful, versatile targeted formulas that are unlike anything else on the market. Sound Synergies products provide great value, with easy, low-cost, long-lasting applications that go beyond typical single-purpose care products. Sound Synergies keeps your instrument and gear ready to perform at its peak potential in any environment.

  • Complete low-cost gear clean-up plus oxidation and corrosion protection
  • Comprehensive instrument and gear care
  • Easy to apply, long-lasting, low cost per application
  • Removes dust, grime, and black oxidation that kill your sound
  • Conditions and lubricates all coated and non-coated metal surfaces
  • Free from petroleum, silicone, or Teflon®
  • Dry-to-touch formulas that resist fingerprints
  • Safely removes spent rosin from strings, fingerboard, and body
  • Will not harm fine wood finishes, leather, plastics or cork
  • Prevents microbial trapping and buildup
  • Ecologically-friendly formulas with no harsh chemicals or additives
  • Easy clean-up with dish detergent and warm water
  • Average total instrument cleanup plus oxide and corrosion protection for only $0.80 per treatment (just a few squirts gets the job done)

Sound Synergies products are now available in our easily portable 2oz. gig-size aerosol, eco-friendly non-aerosol 4oz. trigger, or 7 oz. cost-effective shop size aerosol.

Ask any of our national distributors about our products and our new dealer support programs:

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Lou Capece Music Distributors ‒ https://www.loucapecemusic.com

The Wedge Distribution ‒ https://www.thewedgedistribution.com/

Audionova, Inc. ‒ http://www.audionova.ca/

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