Sound Synergies WearBarrier® formula penetrates through the drumhead membrane to condition substrate fibers for enhanced playability and prolonged head life.

It’s a problem as old as drumming–how to make your drumheads last longer and keep them sounding great even as they take a beating night after night. Modern drumheads are made with a substrate fiber construction for good durability, but over time these synthetic fibers degrade and fray, diminishing head sound and response. Today’s drumheads offer more varieties and options than ever before, but they come at a price–stretching and protecting your investment in drumheads helps keep your bottom line healthy without compromising your drum sound. Now, with a simple WearBarrier® application that takes just minutes, you can keep your heads tuned longer and sounding sweeter and deeper.

WearBarrier’s micro-thin molecular structure provides an amazing ability to penetrate the drum membrane and permeate a head’s substrate layer for enhanced stretch and elasticity. The improved tone and feel is instantaneous and noticeable. WearBarrier’s benefits include: adding 4X the playable life of your head, better punch and sustain; heads remain free of troublesome black oxide build-ups from stick tips; improved stick rebound; a larger sweet spot; and increased tonal focus with attenuated overtones. All crucial shell bearing edges are lubricated and conditioned.

WearBarrier is dry-to-touch and contains no messy petroleum, silicone, or Teflon ingredients; won’t harm plastics, fine woods, or acrylics.

PROcussionCare® Wear Barrier from SoundSynergies–Maintenance technology to keep your heads sounding full and fresh. Also see CymbalCare® and PedalLube® formulas for total drum care.

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