SoundSynergie®, of Tacoma, WA, announced today that the company is donating 20 cases of their PROcussionCare® drum care general use formula to school bands and instructors at the upcoming 2016 West Kentucky Percussion Festival. The products, with a retail value of $4,700., will be distributed by Royal Music Company in co-sponsorship along with SoundSynergies®. Read more

SoundSynergies®, of Tacoma, WA, announces the availability of STRINGTone, a formula for deep cleaning and conditioning of guitar strings, adding to the full line of advanced-technology maintenance and instrument care products SoundSynergies has created for the music industry.

STRINGTone is fundamentally different from other products currently available for string and guitar care; an advanced targeted formula with the ability to penetrate beneath the string surface down to the string core due to its innovative micro-particle structure. Our dry to the touch formula removes dirt and grime while leaving a debris resistant barrier that is not slimy, slick or wet to the touch like many other string lubricants. Read more

SoundSynergies heads up the maintenance revolution
Maintenance came into its own with NAMM 2016, with the arrival of maintenance for all areas of music as a viable MI industry in its own right. Visitors to the SoundSynergies booth saw a dedicated resource providing products and information for taking care of the instruments and gear that their customers have purchased, providing a superior customer experience to keep them coming back time after time.

SoundSynergies presented eight dedicated formulas  
for music gear care:
  • STRINGTone® Guitars & Guitar Parts
  • PROcussionCare® WearBarrier, CymbalCare, and PedalLube
  • BRITETone® Brass & Winds
  • LECTRICare® Music Electronics, StageSound/Lighting, and Cine & Broadcast

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