Electronic music and sound reinforcement gear performs night after night in shows where pristine sound quality is not a goal–it’s an absolute necessity. LECTRICare® Music Electronics has been developed over years of research for exceptional conditioning and maintenance of critical electronic systems to make certain that the show goes on.

Professional sound reinforcement, repair and rental services, and retail shops all assist customers in getting the best performance from their music gear. LECTRICare® Music Electronics is an incredibly effective solution in dealing with any issues of noise and static, usually in 30 seconds or less, making it an ideal add-on purchase for nearly any electronic component. Read more

Music repair and rental shops, through interaction with drummers and percussionists, are all too familiar with oxidation – it’s the process that causes messy black build-up on cymbals, quickly covering the cymbal surface with black marks that are then transferred to drumheads and drums. These small oxidation deposits grow to eventually restrict the full vibration of cymbals and drums, and will eventually lead to destructive corrosion. PROcussionCare® CymbalCare is a new product engineered to prevent the formation of black oxidation while also conditioning and cleaning the cymbal surface of extraneous marks and fingerprints.

An important aspect of CymbalCare that sets it apart from other cymbal cleaners and solutions is that CymbalCare will not effect the patina, subtle surface features that give cymbals their individual sonic character. Other cleaners use stripping and polishing agents that result in a unnaturally bright, harsh sound. CymbalCare’s gentle dry-to-the-touch formula is engineered to remove debris and foreign substances while preserving the cymbal patina for full-range, naturally attenuated tone. Read more

SoundSynergies is all about synergy–and the power of synergy is what makes this dynamic duo of music conditioning and maintenance products work together so well for those who make their living doing musical instrument rental and repair. The two formulas provide total care and conditioning for stringed instruments and all the tech gear that goes with them. STRINGTone® covers the instrument string part of the equation, while LECTRICare® is engineered for music electronics and sound reinforcement applications such as amplifiers, effects units, switches, potentiometers, etc.

A set of guitar strings can total more than 1,500” of wound surfaces. One simple and fast application of STRINGTone® with the included spray applicator and a lint-free cloth goes deep into string windings, displacing contaminants like dust particles, smoke, and sweat. STRINGTone®’s micro-structure provides an unmatched ability to penetrate and remove contaminants before they cause oxidation and corrosion that can compromise your guitar tone and feel. Treated strings resonate more for dynamic, full-range tone and sustain. Read more

In between string changes, maintain optimal tone and response with STRINGTone®, specifically engineered to evaporate in minutes, leaving your strings more resonant, performance-ready, dry-to-the-touch, and incredibly responsive. A micro-thin dry film remains to lubricate and guard against oxidation and corrosion for longer instrument performance life–all without the build-ups and migration of common silicone conditioners that can cause problems with fine finishes and sensitive electronics.

In a standard set of electric bass strings there are 128’ of string, or 1,536 inches of linear windings and core. Besides being an interesting factoid, this information addresses a key component of wound strings–with this amount of surface area to lube and condition, there is actually a significant amount of high-friction load bearing going on. Accordingly, STRINGTone is engineered for 3,300lbs. of load-bearing capacity to address friction and pressure issues. Going back to our set of bass strings, with 1,500 inches of wound string surface, a typical tune-up with an application of STRINGTone® will cost .002¢ per foot, so making your strings sing won’t break the bank. Read more

You know that sweet sound – that big, warm, clean tone that comes with putting on a new set of strings. Now you can command that killer tone whenever you want to with a quick and easy application of STRINGTone®, the maintenance and conditioning formula that’s taking the musical instrument string world by storm. Unlike other messy and largely ineffective liquid silicone string cleaners, STRINGTone®’s carrier component evaporates in minutes, leaving your strings and fretboard ready to play, dry to the touch, and wonderfully responsive to every expressive nuance. A micro-thin dry film remains to lubricate and guard against oxidation and corrosion, extending string performance life significantly. There are no troublesome build-ups or migration with repeated applications. Read more

SoundSynergies® would like to help your drumheads last longer–much longer. That is one of the main reasons SoundSynergies® recently introduced PROcussionCare WearBarrier, a new conditioning/maintenance formula that not only preserves that “like-new” feel and sound for up to four times longer, but also provides the feel of a larger “sweet spot” on drumheads, the area in the head’s center that responds with optimal tone and resonance. The new WearBarrier formula was created specifically to prolong performance life, increase rebound, and provide the best possible sonic response for drum heads, drum sticks, and mallet tips. Recommended to use when breaking in new drumheads, WearBarrier conditions the synthetic fibers used in drumheads, allowing greater flexibility and resistance to breakage. Read more

SoundSynergies®, of Tacoma, WA, today announced the release of BRITETone® Brass & Winds, a spray-on dry-to-the-touch micro-film lubricant and conditioner that solves a long-standing problem of band and orchestra instruments–stuck and sticky metal parts. One simple and fast application of BRITETone penetrates down to remove grime and dust particles from the most hard to access metal horn components, leaving behind a micro-thin dry lubricant that prevents sticking and slow response for smooth, fluid playability. Read more

SoundSynergies®, of Tacoma, WA, announced the release of a new product in its LECTRICare® line of music maintenance products: LECTRICare® Music Electronics

Music Electronics, created expressly to maintain, condition, and lubricate electronic music gear and components. One quick and easy application of LECTRICare® Music Electronics with spray applicator or lint-free cloth optimizes and safeguards the performance of electronics by lifting away and removing grime and other foreign substances that accumulate over time to diminish performance and cause drop-outs and distortion. The formula protects sensitive electronics with a unique micro-barrier coating which guards against the adverse effects of humidity, oxidation, and other polluting environments and climatic conditions. LECTRICare® Music Electronics with built-in long term protection is safe and effective for use on all metal and conductive plastic surfaces. It won’t harm plastics, cork, lacquer, wood finishes, or vinyl. Read more

SoundSynergie®, of Tacoma, WA, announced today that the company is donating 20 cases of their PROcussionCare® drum care general use formula to school bands and instructors at the upcoming 2016 West Kentucky Percussion Festival. The products, with a retail value of $4,700., will be distributed by Royal Music Company in co-sponsorship along with SoundSynergies®. Read more

SoundSynergies®, of Tacoma, WA, announces the availability of STRINGTone, a formula for deep cleaning and conditioning of guitar strings, adding to the full line of advanced-technology maintenance and instrument care products SoundSynergies has created for the music industry.

STRINGTone is fundamentally different from other products currently available for string and guitar care; an advanced targeted formula with the ability to penetrate beneath the string surface down to the string core due to its innovative micro-particle structure. Our dry to the touch formula removes dirt and grime while leaving a debris resistant barrier that is not slimy, slick or wet to the touch like many other string lubricants. Read more