Expect MORE from your gear maintenance and care products. SoundSynergies delivers with its unique micro barrier-film technology that has set a new standard for innovation in gear care and maintenance to include enhancement of personal instrument and gear performance, backline sound management and rentals, brick and mortar service and repair, manufacturer preventative pre-treatment and product bundling.  Read more

We welcome ProSpec Strings to the Sound Synergies Dealer family. They are located in Montreal and ship throughout Canada and the United States.

“At ProSpecStrings we have a passion and our passion is stringed instruments. While we are still in our infancy we are dedicated to bringing the Canadian musician the finest accessories for their treasured instruments. Of course our main product is strings and we do stock strings not only for guitar and bass but also mandolin, ukulele and banjo. But we don’t stop there, we also offer strings for violin, cello and double bass as well as European and Middle Eastern instruments such as oud, lute, balalaika and bouzouki.”

Visit at us the 2018 NAMM Show, January 25th through 28th at the Anaheim Convention Center, booth #8534 in Hall B. https://www.namm.org/thenammshow/2018

Our sales and technical staff will be giving live application demonstrations of all our music maintenance products as well as answering questions from attendees. Read more

Sound Synergies will be running a series of video promo spots on all Drummer Nation podcasts beginning on November 1 and running through the 2018 Winter NAMM Show.  This is a great opportunity to support the great work of Michael Vosbein and Drummer Nation as well as reaching out to the percussion community.

Drummer Nation Show #40 “There’s a Global Rhythm In Us All ” Guest artist Pete Lockett. Read more

Eliahu Sussman of Musical Merchandiser Review interviews Jim Akers, founder and CEO of Sound Synergies. Read more

SoundSynergies® CymbalCare–CONDITIONED METAL JUST SOUNDS BETTER–with less impact damage and cracking!

CymbalCare is a new breed of cymbal conditioner that removes grime and oxide surface build-up to allow your cymbals to flex and ‘breathe’ naturally for better response, projection, and tonal richness. Incorporating the latest research in cymbal technology, CymbalCare removes embedded contaminants that distort the natural wave-like motion of the metal alloys that comprise cymbals. Treated cymbals seem to sing with more tone and projection, last longer and are more resistant to cracking and warping. Read more

SoundSynergies®–EIGHT DAYS A WEEK We Put the Power of Instrument Maintenance in your Hands, with Eight Versions for Every Kind of Music and Musician.

Convenient travel sizes travel in your gig bag to keep you in tune and on beat. Keep your gear performance ready eight days a week!

SoundSynergies maintenance and conditioning formulas allow music students and pro musicians to prevent harmful oxidation with a quick, non-toxic spray application that’s both planet– and player–friendly. These hydrophobic (moisture-repelling) formulas eliminate condensation and humidity, providing an ideal clean, dry playing environment. Your instrument is ready to play in minutes, with smooth, responsive sound and feel.

SoundSynergies penetrates to lift away grime and contaminants, remove dried oil deposits, and eliminate unhealthy moisture, mold, and bacteria. Customized corrosion inhibitors deliver comprehensive metal conditioning, and leave a dry-to-the-touch micro-barrier lubricant film for long-lasting protection. The aerosol carrier that delivers the conditioning agents disappears in seconds, leaving instruments safe for performance by adults or youths. Read more

Sound Synergies WearBarrier® formula penetrates through the drumhead membrane to condition substrate fibers for enhanced playability and prolonged head life.

It’s a problem as old as drumming–how to make your drumheads last longer and keep them sounding great even as they take a beating night after night. Modern drumheads are made with a substrate fiber construction for good durability, but over time these synthetic fibers degrade and fray, diminishing head sound and response. Today’s drumheads offer more varieties and options than ever before, but they come at a price–stretching and protecting your investment in drumheads helps keep your bottom line healthy without compromising your drum sound. Now, with a simple WearBarrier® application that takes just minutes, you can keep your heads tuned longer and sounding sweeter and deeper. Read more

Roger Sadowsky is one of the most highly respected instrument makers in the world and we are very pleased to have Roger onboard with Sound Synergies. His instruments are played by many of the world’s greatest artists including guitarists Jim Hall, John Abercrombie, Pat Metheny, Lee Ritenour, Chuck Loeb and bass players Marcus Miller, Will Lee, Rickey Minor, Michael Rhodes, Verdine White and Jason Newsted.

Roger also reflects the values of Sound Synergies providing excellent customer service and support.  His testing, evaluation and recommended application of LECTICare has proven invaluable in providing solutions to common problems encountered in the area of musical instrument electronics.  He now uses LECTRICare® at every bench station in his shop.

Photo courtesy of ©Roger Sadowsky Guitars Ltd.

We encourage you to check out Roger’s website not only for LECTRICare product, but a wide selection of beautiful custom-built instruments and accessories. WOW!

For more information contact;
Roger Sadowsky Guitars
2107 41st Avenue, 4th Floor
Long Island City, NY 11101
Phone (718) 433-1990 | Fax (718) 433-1993
Website: https://sadowsky.com/
Web: Shop for LECTRICare® at Roger Sadowsky Guitars

SoundSynergies maintains a healthy environment and keeps you sounding your best! Our formulas condition instruments in all major music categories against oxidation and corrosion, leaving them ready to play with smooth, responsive sound and feel.

SoundSynergies maintenance and conditioning formulas allow student and professional musicians to prevent harmful oxidation and microbial growth with a quick, non-toxic spray application that’s both planet– and player–friendly. These hydrophobic (moisture-repelling) formulas eliminate condensation and humidity, providing an ideal clean, dry environment. Your instrument is ready to play in minutes, with smooth, responsive sound and feel. Read more