It’s Your Music and Maintenance is Key.

“Maintenance” versus “Accessories”

Today the musician who is looking to keep their musical instrument of choice well-tuned and ready to perform at its peak is confronted with a baffling multitude of products, many of which have been lumped into the vast and varied category known as ‘accessories’. This term has been used in the music industry to cover everything from picks and drum sticks to tee shirts and hats. This abundance of products to wade through can make it difficult to distinguish between the important and the frivolous. Several products exist to treat guitar strings and frets, and there are several entities for cleaning electronics, but the music retail market is sorely lacking in one crucially important area – complete and comprehensive music instrument maintenance

Equipment Maintenance is no less important than practicing scales to improve your sound and technique.

Here at SoundSynergies we’re dedicated to creating maintenance products that actually make a difference in helping your instrument to sound its best. A regular practice using Sound Synergies products can be seen as part of a musician’s practice no less than practicing scales or drum rudiments. The various polishes, stripper-cleaners, tarnish removers, and silicone solutions in the accessories aisle of your local music store might give your instrument a nice shine, but they offer little in the way of improving your sound or protecting metal surfaces. SoundSynergies are the first and only products to offer the musician new technologies that will actually improve your instrument’s tonal quality, sustain, and feel.

SoundSynergies® not only gets the job done efficiently and immaculately – it does it simply, easy, fast and very affordably.

SoundSynergies products for string instruments, electronic gear, percussion, and brass & winds, offer a total program for the upkeep and optimization of most categories of musical instruments and electronics. Musicians from the novice school band student to touring professionals for the first time now have a precision-engineered formula to get their instrument performing at peak level and to keep it there. Performers who have had to lug around several products now can rely on a single product to clean, lubricate, and condition over the long haul. And SoundSynergies® not only gets the job done efficiently and immaculately–it does it simply, easy, fast, and very affordably.

So don’t get lost in your music store’s accessories aisle between the tee shirts and guitar picks – ask for SoundSynergies by name or order online. It’s your music – and maintenance is key.