See why Maintenance is Critical in Maximizing Music Gear Performance

Sound Synergies SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) Images Prove Effective Results

The microscopic images, taken under rigorous lab-test conditions by a third party not affiliated with SoundSynergies, show how SoundSynergies® removes the grime, oxidation, and contamination that can quickly accumulate to rob your instruments of tone and sustain and produce slower, stickier playing response.

Extreme Close-Up Images offer Visual Proof… STRINGTone® Works!

Improves Resonance and Sustain
STRINGTone’s cutting-edge technology conditions and removes grime in One-Step!



  • Increases string flexibility and enables quicker fretting
  • Conditions bridges, nuts, tremolos, springs & tuners
  • Protects fine woods & delicate components – does not migrate or build up
  • Excellent for guitar, bass, mandolin, and virtually all string instruments
  • For all coated, non-coated, metal and synthetic strings
  • Costs about $0.25 per application
  • STRINGTone® is not a stripper/tarnish remover
Micro-Images Show how PROcussionCare® Removes Grime for Maximum Performance

Get Rid of the Grime & Get in the Groove
PROCussion® Even Cleans your Cymbals while Protecting the Patina!


PROcussionCare – the only percussion instrument conditioner that:

  • IImproves drumhead tone and stick rebound
  • Penetrates to gently remove grit and grime on drums, heads, cymbals, and hardware, without stripping away valuable metal patina for unrestricted resonance and sustain
  • Provides a lubricating barrier against the corrosion and grime that interferes with clean, fluid drum head-to-drum rim contact
  • Hear and Feel your drumhead’s expanded sweet spot and deep, warm tonal quality
  • Will not harm fine drum shell finishes
  • Costs less than $1.00 for tune ups
  • PROcussionCare® is not a stripper/tarnish remover
Lab Tests Show LECTRICare® Makes a Better Connection!

Well Maintained Gear Keeps the Show Going!
Keep dust and grime from interrupting your flow with LECTRICare®


LECTRICare has been shown to…

  • Dries to touch quickly after application
  • Penetrates & lifts oxidation & corrosion to restore clean metal-tometal conductivity
  • Restores and conditions pots, switches, jacks, cable tips, contact points, wiring & hardware
  • Acts as a protective coating against micro-dust & humidity that distort sound quality along the signal path
  • Establishes a Micro-film barrier that conducts impulses without interference noise
  • LECTRICare® is not a stripper/tarnish remover
Lab Tests Show BRITETone® Makes a Horn Play Fast & Clean!

Essential for Keeping Brass & Winds in Top Shape
BRITETone® gives precision, punch, and snap to any horn section


BRITETone® – Is the only wind instrument conditioner that…

  • Conditions and lubricates valves, keys, slides, and hinges for frictionfree operation, easier playability and longer instrument life.
  • Improves projection and clarity by removing tone-dampening grime & contaminants
  • Reduced friction for extended instrument life
  • Will not harm fine metal or lacquer coated instrument finishes
  • Costs mere pocket change per application
  • BRITETone® is not a stripper/tarnish remover

Important Note:
SoundSynergies® is not a stripper/tarnish remover.

Those who want a highly polished finish should first treat instrument with standard polish and then apply SoundSynergies® for long-term conditioning and protection.

Please be advised that most polishes and cleaners will strip away valuable patina.

Custom formulas and private branding available.

Available to all manufacturers and distributors.