SoundSynergies heads up the maintenance revolution
Maintenance came into its own with NAMM 2016, with the arrival of maintenance for all areas of music as a viable MI industry in its own right. Visitors to the SoundSynergies booth saw a dedicated resource providing products and information for taking care of the instruments and gear that their customers have purchased, providing a superior customer experience to keep them coming back time after time.

SoundSynergies presented eight dedicated formulas  
for music gear care:
  • STRINGTone® Guitars & Guitar Parts
  • PROcussionCare® WearBarrier, CymbalCare, and PedalLube
  • BRITETone® Brass & Winds
  • LECTRICare® Music Electronics, StageSound/Lighting, and Cine & Broadcast

Winter NAMM creating new Maintenance category for 2018

NAMM has stated their commitment to formally create a new dedicated category for Music Maintenance and Instrument Care with the 2018 show, recognizing the increasingly important role of maintenance for musicians, sound techs, retailers, and other key music industry players. The new category will eliminate some of the confusion customers have encountered while searching out music maintenance products that often have ended up being grouped with accessories for lack of a more accurate category. The new category of maintenance promises to be a boon to brick-and-mortar stores in particular, presenting considerable up-sell opportunities with maintenance products at the ready to enhance and add value to nearly every store purchase.

Maintenance-a key to better customer experience
Brick and mortar retailers miss opportunities to sell higher-end equipment and develop more customer loyalty because they do not have a comprehensive maintenance department. Increasing the satisfaction and enjoyment customers get from their purchased equipment is vital to music retailers. A well-stocked display of maintenance products empowers the customer to quickly and easily perform basic maintenance to keep their gear operating at its peak potential, increasing customer confidence, satisfaction, and trust. SoundSynergies looks forward to working with musicians and retailers to realize our common goal of musical excellence.


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