LECTRICare® StageSound & Lighting

Insuring the Show will Go On

Many factors come together in creating a stage sound production. Lighting systems, audio mixing consoles, microphones, cable snakes, wiring, etc. make amazing things possible yet can also be vulnerable to damage from oxidation build-up, heat, and friction. LECTRICare’s advanced StageSound & Lighting conditioning and lubricant formula protects and maintains electronics from excess wear, heat, and friction.

The product’s innovative micro-barrier lubricant technology also improves and enhances contact of conductive elements like jacks, plugs, posts, grounds, etc. to ensure that drop-outs, hum, static, or interference won’t be a show stopper.

The show must go on and LECTRICare® StageSound & Lighting is the perfect solution to protect and maintain all stage gear from excess wear, heat, and friction.

Comprehensive Gear Maintenance Made Easy–One-Step Conditioning

Formulated to maintain a wide range of electronics technology, LECTRICare® StageSound/Lighting is the result of research into micro-lubricants for demanding ballistics applications. Unequaled in its ability to penetrate and lift away deeply embedded grime and tiny debris particles, LECTRICare ensures that stage sound quality and lighting effects operation remains clear and error-free. A micro-thin barrier lubricant coating remains after treatment to resist heat and oxides, promote enhanced electrical conductivity, and protect and extend the life of sensitive electronics.

Recommended application to large surfaces is with a soft lint-free cloth. Aerosol includes an application tube to apply to difficult to reach areas. LECTRICare StageSound/Lighting quickly dries within 60 seconds and is dry-to-the-touch for immediate use. Available in three sizes for shop, sound stage, or on tour.

Sound Synergies musical instrument care products | LECTRICare® Music Electronics cleans and conditions all electronic music gear, electronics, jacks, connectors, switches and more.

Independently Tested and Proven Effective.

Ensure optimal grounding and long term protection of grounding systems with LECTRICare Sound Stage & Lighting.

Equipment grounding and system grounding is very important for the safety of electrical systems. Grounding straps, chassis grounds, posts, clamps and other grounding devices must be clean and protected from humidity, oxidation and corrosion.

The SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) images of chassis ground strap before-and-after application of LECTRICare. The images clearly reveal the significant ability of LECTRICare to lift away contact inhibiting grim and corrosion for improved surface to surface connectivity.

Total Coverage with StageSound & Lighting

  • Specially formulated for extreme heat, cold, and humidity
  • Restores & conditions stage electronic gear; audio & lighting console connections and faders
  • Use on equipment racks, amps, lighting arrays, audio snakes, mic stands and connectors, direct boxes, power distribution panels, grounding systems, etc.
  • Safe for use on all plastics and hybrid conductors
  • Restores and improves metal, plastics surface contact & conductivity for error-free performance
  • Complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.
  • This is a nontoxic product that is less harmful than methanol alcohol.

Warnings & Disclaimers

electrical shock hazard LECTRICare® StageSound & Lighting

The author/publisher of these instructions and Sound Synergies will accept no responsibility for any injuries or damage suffered by anyone as a result of carelessness or misinterpretation of the instructions/information contained in our videos and website content. Proper electrical safety procedures must always be practiced when working around high voltage tube amplifiers or other electrical power sources. If you are not completely familiar with these safety practices, do not attempt any work on your amp or other electrical equipment before becoming completely familiar with proper safety procedures. Please consult with a professional repair technician if you are uncertain about any aspect of electrical equipment repair.

fender deluxe reverb chassis LECTRICare® StageSound & Lighting

Instrument Amplifiers

BE SURE THAT THE AMP IS UNPLUGGED AND THE FILTER CAPS HAVE BEEN PROPERLY DISCHARGED!!! Tube amplifiers contain high voltage that can kill you, even if the amp has been off and unplugged for days!!! Safe discharge can usually be accomplished by turning the amp off, unplugging it, and flipping the standby switch to the “play” mode. If your amp has no standby switch, just unplug it and leave it “on” for several minutes. After a few minutes, your amp should be safe to work on. To insure safety, double check by reading the voltage on pin#1 of any preamp tube and pin#3 of any power tube. There should be 3 volts or less.

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