LECTRICare Music Electronics provides powerful solutions for most common problems with keyboard and backline electronic gear. After lifting away grime and dust away from sensitive electronic components, LECTRICare creates a micro-film barrier for long-term conditioning and maintenance. The formula is engineered to keep gear working smoothly under the most demanding conditions–rain and wind, high humidity, moisture, and extreme heat and cold. Musicians, sound techs, and electronic repair & rental shops are finding LECTRICare to be invaluable in keeping gear ready to perform show after show. One can of LECTRICare® replaces several different common electronics cleaning formulas, and delivers superior, longer-lasting results.


  • Removes embedded grime and conditions metals to prevent oxidation and corrosion.
  • Cleans and lubricates hybrid conductive plastic surfaces and components.
  • Special hydrophobic formula gives long-lasting protection from humidity and other environmental conditions.
  • Conditions and lubricates keyboard instruments, electronic amps, effects units, mixers, pedals, potentiometers, and prevents sticky and stuck keys and other parts.
  • Will not build up or migrate over repeated applications.
  • Easy, fast application with spray-on applicator or lint-free cloth is dry to the touch in seconds.
  • Will not harm plastics, cork, lacquer, wood finishes, or vinyl. Safe to use and complies with all California “VOC” regulations.

LECTRICare Music Electronics® from SoundSynergies–Comprehensive maintenance technologies to keep the music going, rain or shine.

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