Lab Tests Show LECTRICare® Makes a Better Connection!

These SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) images presented were taken at the University of Puget Sound Science Core Facility. The University of Puget Sound is an independent third-party and not affiliated with Sound Synergies. All our SEM images were taken under strict environmental controls and clearly illustrate the amazing results of SoundSynergies® products on a variety of new and well used components from musical instruments to sound producing equipment.

LECTRICare has been shown to…

  • Dries to touch quickly after application
  • Penetrates & lifts oxidation & corrosion to restore clean metal-tometal conductivity
  • Restores and conditions pots, switches, jacks, cable tips, contact points, wiring & hardware
  • Acts as a protective coating against micro-dust & humidity that distort sound quality along the signal path
  • Establishes a Micro-film barrier that conducts impulses without interference noise