Sound Synergies Musical Instrument Care Products | STRINGTone® Guitar Parts/Strings guitar string lubricant also safely cleans spent rosin from all string instruments without harm to sensitive finishes.

New Cleaning & Conditioning Technology for String Instruments

There are many guitar string lubricants on the market today that use various components such as graphite, Teflon®, silicone, etc.  These substances all eventually migrate or dissipate with use leaving your strings with little or no lubrication or protection from oxidation and corrosion.  Some will actually dry out and cake up on wound strings. Graphite greases are messy and hard to apply in close tolerance areas such as tremolos often requiring disassembly.  Well, we’ve got a fast and easy solution to your string and instrument hardware cleaning and maintenance.

“Hi, Dean
Thank you for getting back to me. Just wanted to let you know the STRINGTone has worked out perfectly. This is the greatest product ever! Applied to strings and slides. Have never had a smoother playing experience. Am ecstatic!

Sincerely,  M. Wells”

STRINGTone’s specialized guitar string lubricant formula provides a micro-thin lubricant barrier for silky-smooth playing response and enhanced string vibration for a more dynamic tonal spectrum. Conditioning gives the strings the ability to resist galvanic corrosion and oxidation, allowing you to change strings less often. Areas for treatment include strings (coated and synthetic), metal and non-metal parts including nut, saddle, bridge, pots, switches, pickup covers, tuners, etc. Treated surfaces are dry to the touch in seconds. Dust, grime, and other contaminants are lifted away and removed.

Available in Aerosol and Non-Aerosol Liquid Trigger Spray

Sound Synergies aerosol products come standard with wide-angle spray cap and 5-inch extension straw for hard to reach areas. Spray-on application is quick and straight forward, requiring only a few minutes with a microfiber cloth.

Our adjustable trigger sprayers are constructed of durable high-impact plastic and recyclable spun aluminum bottles. All rubber plugs and gaskets are made from rugged, long lasting Viton® (fluorocarbon rubber) which has excellent resistance to high temperatures, ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, aromatics and many organic solvents and chemicals. Click here for liquid trigger sprayer assembly instructions.

Guitar string test series using Sound Synergies STRINGTone

Common String Problems and Physics

Three main elements: construction, gauge and tension of a string set will play a role in your decision about which set to purchase for your instrument.  So what happens to a new string set after initial break-in and you start to put some “mileage” on your strings?

When a string is pressed down on a metal fret of a guitar fingerboard a depression on the underside of the sting will eventually form depending on the number of times the string is “fretted” and pressure applied at that point. These depressions are often referred to as “flat spots” or notches. Certain styles of guitar playing like blues and rock will often include stretching and bending strings during a performance. This also increases stress and abrasion on the strings, nut and bridge grooves. When guitar stings are played hard and over stressed they break readily, especially the high-E, D, and G strings of narrow gauge string sets. They usually break at the bridge or point of highest tension.

One of the areas not commonly examined is what happens to a musical instrument string when it is plucked. When instrument strings are plucked they oscillate which means they vibrate at a fundamental pitch with associated harmonics along the length of the string. The photo illustrates standing waves on a string, illuminated by stroboscope.

standing wave physics demonstration STRINGTone® Guitar String Lubricant

An instrument string is essentially suspended between two points, in the case of a guitar, a nut and bridge. The distance and tension between these two points will determine the frequency or pitch of the string. The photo clearly shows nodes that are formed when a string is plucked. A node is a point along a standing wave where the wave has minimum amplitude. For instance, in a vibrating guitar string, the ends of the string are nodes. By changing the position of the end node through frets, the guitarist changes the effective length of the vibrating string and thereby the note played.

This means the string is not only moving vertically, but horizontally along the plane of neck. This simultaneous movement is where microscopic friction and abrasion are created in the internal core of a wrapped string as well as the grooves of the nut and bridge saddle.

Microscopic internal and external friction is increased in the case of larger diameter bass guitar strings that vibrate at lower frequencies with increased motion and energy due to mass dynamics. String abrasion is also increased with metal bridge grooves. There are other factors affecting string performance at the molecular level such as metal composition and surface irregularities.

STRINGTone guitar string lubricant and conditioner is the perfect choice to either eliminate or reduce many problems associated with string wear and contamination.

Sound Synergies Musical Instrument Care Products | STRINGTone® guitar string lubricant is the first string care product to penetrate deep to the string’s core for total conditioning.

STRINGTone® Guitar Parts/Strings is a versatile Guitar String Lubricant that is the Ultimate Dry Lubricant with Built-in Cleaning and Conditioning

  • Tri-Boundary Micro Film Guitar String Lubricant and Conditioner that penetrates to the core of wound strings to prevent galvanic corrosion
  • Dry-to-touch after application without that oily-sticky feel
  • No more messy applicators, grease, graphite powders or talc
  • Will not degrade or gum up strings unlike other guitar string lubricants
  • Self-leveling: does not build up after repeated application
  • Reduces string breakage by reducing string binding
  • Improves string flexibility and response
  • Shortens new string break-in time
  • Promotes tuning stability and proper intonation by lubricating nut and bridge
Sound Synergies Musical Instrument Care Products | STRINGTone® Guitar Parts/Strings guitar string lubricant also safely cleans spent rosin from all string instruments without harm to sensitive finishes.

Metallic and Gut String Cleaner

STRINGTone’s ability to easily remove spent rosin from string instruments is far safer and less toxic than traditional solvents like denatured alcohol. It will not harm sensitive finishes and is safe for use on all woods, plastics and cork. We do recommend testing on a small inconspicuous area or similar finish just to be safe. Simply apply STRINGTone® to a soft microfiber cloth and remove with a gentle scrubbing action.

Sound Synergies Musical Instrument Care Products | STRINGTone® guitar string lubricant is the first string care product to penetrate deep to the string’s core for total conditioning.

Extreme Close-Up Images offer Visual Proof…STRINGTone® Guitar String Lubricant Works!

Microscopic images show how STRINGTone® removes the grime, oxidation, and contamination that can quickly accumulate to rob your instrument of tone and sustain and produce slower, stickier playing response.

These SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) images presented were taken at the University of Puget Sound Science Core Facility. The University of Puget Sound is an independent third-party and not affiliated with Sound Synergies. All our SEM images were taken under strict environmental controls and clearly illustrate the amazing results of SoundSynergies® products on a variety of new and well used components from musical instruments to sound producing equipment.

Synergies Musical Instrument Care Products | STRINGTone® guitar string lubricant is the first string care product to penetrate deep to the string’s core for total conditioning.

STRINGTone Penetrates Right Down to the Core

Cleans and conditions all external and internal string winding surfaces. Penetrates through all levels down to the string core unlike other guitar string lubricants that only treat the outer winding.

  • Excellent for guitar, bass, mandolin, violin, electric violin and virtually all string instruments
  • Increased string tactile response
  • Richer, more vibrant tonal quality
  • Increased dynamics, and enhanced harmonics, particularly noticeable in the mid and low registers.
  • Works on all coated, non-coated, metal, gut and synthetic strings
  • Costs about $0.25 per application
Sound Synergies Musical Instrument Care Products | STRINGTone® guitar string lubricant is the first string care product to penetrate deep to the string’s core for total conditioning.

Bridges, Tremolos and Tuners

Promotes tuning stability and proper intonation by penetrating, cleaning and lubricating fixed and adjustable bridge assemblies. Reduces string binding and breakage and shortens new string break-in time.

No need to wait for a string change, loosening strings, or disassemble complex hardware before applying to your instrument.

Sound Synergies Musical Instrument Care Products | STRINGTone® Guitar Parts/Strings cleans, conditions and lubricates all guitar tremolos, tuners, bridges, nuts and all other hardware.
STRINGTone dry guitar string lubricant also cleans, conditions, and protects open and closed tuning mechanisms.

micro filtration STRINGTone® Guitar String Lubricant

Sound Synergies Micro-Filtration Process

Our three step micro-filtration process removes suspended solids and other particles in suspension that allow our formulas to penetrate into micro-cracks and gaps as close as .1 micron (.0001 millimeter). Displaces moisture, cleans grit, grime, old oils and greases.

STRINGTone is the only guitar string lubricant containing a micro-filtered formula which penetrates into hard to reach areas where powdered graphite and graphite impregnated grease can’t reach. STRINGTone has been laboratory tested and proven not to migrate under high pressure and load.

Sound Synergies Musical Instrument Care Products | STRINGTone Guitar Parts/Strings cleans and conditions all electronic music gear, electronics, jacks, connectors, switches and more.

Cleans, Conditions and Lubricates Guitar Pots, Jacks and Switches

It’s not just another guitar string lubricant. Unlike other limited guitar care products STRINGTone® anti-corrosion inhibitors not only clean but provide long-term lubrication and metal conditioning for all electrical contact surfaces, parts and hardware. Safe to use on all finishes.

Other STRINGTone® Features

  • Formula versatility allows use on all metal and non-metal parts
  • Contains no harmful furniture polish or cooking oil that attack bindings and leaves greasy residues.
  • No slippery silicone, Teflon®, graphite oil or other messy additives that often attack glue joints and stain clothing
  • Safely clean and condition all fingerboards; will not leach natural oils or dry-out woods
  • Safe for use on plastics, fine finishes, and inlays
  • A multi-compounded formula that also acts as a superior instrument body polish which is safe and gentle for use on fine woods
  • Safely removes spent rosin build-up from all strings and surfaces without harm to sensitive finishes
  • Multi-purpose guitar string lubricant that is cost-effective: use it to treat any spot or all areas of your instrument
  • Complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.
  • This is a nontoxic product that is less harmful than methanol alcohol.

“Where STRINGTone really shines is cleaning, conditioning, and lubricating your hardware. Bridge saddles, tremolos/vibratos, and nuts all function and play better when clean and lubricated. Unlike other spray or powdered lubricants, STRINGTone leaves no residue, and does not build up or leave a sticky feeling. All you’ll notice is better performance: cleaner bends, dive bombs, and silky vibrato.”

Stewart MacDonald

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