Fender Stratocaster Guitar

With Used Tarnished Strings

electric guitar test

Gray – Untreated Color – Treated

Vert Axis = dB Horiz Axis = Hertz (Hz) 60-band

CLICK to see large Spectroscope graph

We tested the classic Fender Stratocaster electric guitar with a set of used Ernie Ball nickel wound, 9-42 gauge strings.

The fundamental range of the electric guitar (direct) is approximately 82-1319 Hz with the harmonic range from 1 kHz to 15 kHz. What gives electric guitars their unique tonal quality is mainly the type and positioning of the pickups in combination with construction. The classic Fender Stratocaster guitar was presented with a set of used Ernie Ball nickel wound, 9-42 gauge strings.

The Results
We measured improvements in the upper fundamental frequency range around 500 Hz to 1 kHz which added slightly more definition to the instrument. Instrument clarity improved starting with harmonic improvement from the 2 kHz – 8 kHz range where some of that characteristic string “bite” resides depending on selection and position of the pickup. These results were not as dramatic as some of our other instrument test results, but we did see a measured response and improved sonic quality with the STRINGTone application to this model.

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