SoundSynergies®–EIGHT DAYS A WEEK We Put the Power of Instrument Maintenance in your Hands, with Eight Versions for Every Kind of Music and Musician.

Convenient travel sizes travel in your gig bag to keep you in tune and on beat. Keep your gear performance ready eight days a week!

SoundSynergies maintenance and conditioning formulas allow music students and pro musicians to prevent harmful oxidation with a quick, non-toxic spray application that’s both planet– and player–friendly. These hydrophobic (moisture-repelling) formulas eliminate condensation and humidity, providing an ideal clean, dry playing environment. Your instrument is ready to play in minutes, with smooth, responsive sound and feel.

SoundSynergies penetrates to lift away grime and contaminants, remove dried oil deposits, and eliminate unhealthy moisture, mold, and bacteria. Customized corrosion inhibitors deliver comprehensive metal conditioning, and leave a dry-to-the-touch micro-barrier lubricant film for long-lasting protection. The aerosol carrier that delivers the conditioning agents disappears in seconds, leaving instruments safe for performance by adults or youths.

SoundSynergies Products cover the range of music instrument and gear applications: STRINGTone String Conditioner; LECTRICare Music/Electronics, Stage Sound/Lighting, and Cine/Broadcast for Video; PROcussionCare Wear Barrier, Cymbal Care, and Pedal Lube; and BRITETone for Brass & Winds.

Complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements. The product is environmentally safe, with no toxic petroleum or mineral oils, and is safe for use on all woods, finishes, woods, corks, and plastics. It cleans up easily with soap and water.

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