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We at Sound Synergies recognize that maintaining your tools and equipment is just as important as the music instruments and equipment that you build and service for your customers.  Hand tools, power tools and machinery should be kept in tip-top condition to ensure efficiency and safety. DynaGlide Plus® with HD4X™ will increase your production.  You will spend less time sharpening, cleaning, and maintaining tools and equipment.

DynaGlide Plus® is a tri-boundary dry-film lubricant, cleaner and conditioner for tools, surfaces and all metals.  It is expressly formulated and compounded to extend the life of tools, machine parts and equipment. HD4X™ is a proprietary rust and corrosion preventative that blocks oxidation on all metals.

“I have been loving the DynaGlide Plus® with HD4X™ that I got from you at the Tacoma Guitar Festival.  I have found it to work fantastic on everything I have sprayed it on! Sadly I ran out of it today! Can I come get some more, and some Wood Tools Conditioner™?”

Zac Steimle, Musician & Luthier
Oceana Ukuleles
Port Orchard, WA

Use on Woodworking and Metalworking Tools, Use on any Metals

  • DynaGlide Plus® will not stain, discolor, or transfer.  DynaGlide Plus® penetrates instantly and dries within minutes, leaving behind an extremely tough pressure film.
  • Can be used for storage of tools, all router bearings, table beds, scroll-saw, band-saws, cutters, lathe tools, all cutting/CNC milling, drilling/router blades, etc. Will not stain wood or other material.
  • Replaces all other lubricants for any purpose and is Silicone and Teflon free.
  • CLICK HERE to watch applications video.

Tr-Boundary Dry-Lubricant

  • 3,300+lb. (Falex test) Load Carry capacity.
  • Reduces Friction/Heat 2 times(+) over conventional lubes.
  • 3 times better Cutting Performance of all Blades, Bits, Abrasives, and Equipment.
  • Displaces moisture, rust, grit, gunk.
  • HD4X™ Blocks Rust, Tarnish and Oxide Corrosion.

Extends All Cutting/Drilling/Routing and Tool Life

  • Minimizes Sharpening/Cleaning Cycles, Keeps tools sharp 2 times(+) longer.
  • Retards Resin/Glue Build-up on blades and abrasive surfaces.

Table Top Cleaner/Conditioner

  • Non-Gumming “Table Top” Coating – no gummy build-up.
  • Cleans and Conditions All Metal surfaces.
  • Eliminates Drag.
  • Displaces and Cleans Grit, Grime, Old Oils and Greases.
  • Passes 400 hour Salt Spray test Humidity & Water will not remove HD4X™.

Available Sizes

  • 14 Fluid Ounce Aerosol


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