dynaglide comfort sprayer 01 DynaGlide Comfort Trigger Sprayer

DynaGlide Comfort Trigger Sprayer


Comfort Trigger Sprayer – Handy “Snap” On-Off (reusable) – Item #DG10018
Fits all 2oz.-7oz.-14oz. Aerosol Singles. Trigger Sprayer Only – Can Not Included.

Orders are shipped via USPS within two days of receipt except Saturdays and Sundays.

The DynaGlide Comfort Trigger Sprayer for aerosols is one our most popular accessories. Get up to 8X easier spray while easily adjusting for precision or volume spraying.

The ergonomic full grip design provides effortless spraying and is easy to use with or without gloves. Our comfort trigger sprayer will fit on all aerosol cans from 2oz. up to 20 oz. size.


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