SoundSynergies® CymbalCare–CONDITIONED METAL JUST SOUNDS BETTER–with less impact damage and cracking!

CymbalCare is a new breed of cymbal conditioner that removes grime and oxide surface build-up to allow your cymbals to flex and ‘breathe’ naturally for better response, projection, and tonal richness. Incorporating the latest research in cymbal technology, CymbalCare removes embedded contaminants that distort the natural wave-like motion of the metal alloys that comprise cymbals. Treated cymbals seem to sing with more tone and projection, last longer and are more resistant to cracking and warping.

CymbalCare cleans and conditions the metal alloys that comprise cymbals without the harsh abrasives and stripping agents found in many conventional cymbal cleaners and polishes.  Using these types of “destructive” polishes and cleaners can result in unnaturally harsh tonal quality. CymbalCare preserves the patina finish that develops overtime to give cymbals their individual characteristic sound quality. CymbalCare also resists nasty fingerprint buildup and corrosion.

CymbalCare® is another breakthrough in high-quality, value-added music gear maintenance products from SoundSynergies. Use CymbalCare® with SoundSynergies WearBarrier® and PedalLube® for total drumset maintenance. And CymbalCare works well on all other metal percussion instruments.

CymbalCare® is non-toxic and environmentally safe. Complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.

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