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BRITETone® Product Appication Overview

BRITETone® Brass & Winds Comprehensive Care Solution for Band & Orchestra Instruments

BRITETone® gives horn and other orchestra players a total instrument care maintenance solution with a specialized conditioning formula that lifts away and removes dust and grime from all metal parts, then provides a micro-thin lubricant barrier that facilitates silky-smooth playing response. Valves, *mouthpiece receivers, keys, slides, tubes, and all moving parts react instantly and experience less wear due to reduced friction after the easy one-step application.

  • Conditions and lubricates valves, keys, slides, and hinges
  • Optimizes surface metals for strong, clear projection
  • Reduces friction for extended instrument life
  • Lowest cost per application
  • Complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.
  • *A nontoxic product that is less harmful than methanol alcohol.

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