Lab Tests Show BRITETone® cleans, conditions and protects your instrument for optimal performance and longevity!

Microscopic images show how BRITETone® removes the grime, oxidation, and contamination that can quickly accumulate to rob your instrument of tone and sustain and produce slower, stickier playing response.

These SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) images presented were taken at the University of Puget Sound Science Core Facility. The University of Puget Sound is an independent third-party and not affiliated with Sound Synergies. All our SEM images were taken under strict environmental controls and clearly illustrate the amazing results of SoundSynergies® products on a variety of new and well used components from musical instruments to sound producing equipment.

BRITETone® – Is the only wind instrument conditioner that…

  • Conditions and lubricates valves, keys, slides, and hinges for friction free operation, easier playability and longer instrument life.
  • Compatible with all valve oils…works synergistically to improved performance
  • Improves projection and clarity by removing tone-dampening grime & contaminants
  • Blocks the growth of harmful germs and bacteria that contaminate and erode metals
  • Will not harm fine metal or lacquer coated instrument finishes
  • BRITETone® is not a stripper/tarnish remover
  • Safe for all woods, plastics, corks, and synthetics
  • Costs mere pocket change per application

More information:

  • Watch video – BRITETone® Application to a Trumpet (we are working on new video – stay tuned)
  • Watch video –  BRITETone® Application to a Saxophone (we are working on new video – stay tuned)

Important Note:
SoundSynergies® is not a stripper/tarnish remover.

Please be advised that most polishes and cleaners will strip away valuable patina.