Sound Synergies® BRITETone Comprehensive Wind Instrument Maintenance & Protection

Comprehensive Wind Instrument Maintenance & Protection

New Conditioning Technology for Brass and Wind Instruments

BRITETone’s specialized lubricant formula provides a micro-thin dry lubricant barrier that reduces friction, facilitates silky-smooth playing response, and conditions surfaces to resist plating flake, pitting, corrosion, and oxidation. BRITETone gives brass and metal surfaces an attractive finish, but will not act as a polish or stripper that can damage fine finishes of brass and woodwind instruments. Once applied, the formula will not migrate or build up, and is safe and gentle on cork, plastics, fine wood and metal surfaces.

 Sound Synergies® BRITETone Comprehensive Wind Instrument Maintenance protects against molds, bacteria, and viruses.

Added Protection Against Harmful Bacteria, Fungus, and Viruses

Keeping your instrument free of germs and bacteria is an important aspect of wind instrument maintenance.

Varying climate and humidity conditions can reek havoc with sensitive band and orchestral instruments, leading to moisture and condensation that give rise to harmful bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

What happens after you take your instrument to your local musical instrument service center or repair shop for complete disinfection?  Well, disinfection doesn’t stop there. Keeping your instrument clean and disinfected once it leaves the shop is an ongoing process which requires vigilance.

*BRITETone contains a major component that both dissolves lipids and aids in the de-activation of viruses through the breakdown of their envelope.

Regular internal and external application of BRITETone effectively eliminates the threat of harmful microbial buildup from both high and low pH contaminants including saliva, smoke, sweat, and condensation that occurs when instruments are exposed to temperature extremes.

Sound Synergies® BRITETone Comprehensive Wind Instrument Maintenance & Protection

Independently Tested and Proven Effective

Microscopic images clearly show the significant ability of BRITETone® to lift
away action inhibiting grime and corrosion for improved valve performance.

These SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) images presented were taken at the University of Puget Sound Science Core Facility. The University of Puget Sound is an independent third-party and not affiliated with Sound Synergies. All our SEM images were taken under strict environmental controls and clearly illustrate the amazing results of SoundSynergies® products on a variety of new and well used components from musical instruments to sound producing equipment.

Sound Synergies® BRITETone Comprehensive Wind Instrument Maintenance protects against molds, bacteria, and viruses.

Perfect for Regular Maintenance Tasks and Long-term Instrument Storage

BRITETone’s conditioning and lubricant formula optimizes the maintenance of brass, winds, and other orchestral instruments where clear, noise-free performance is all-important. Formulated for use on high-precision instruments including brass, nickel, chrome, and silver.

BRITETone gives brass and orchestra players a total wind instrument maintenance solution with a specialized conditioning formula that lifts away and removes fingerprints, dust and grime from all metal parts. The result leaves a dry-to-touch micro-thin lubricant barrier that facilitates silky-smooth playing response.

Why Wind Instrument Maintenance is Important

Protecting your investment is the obvious reason, but annoying friction, sticky or sluggish response from your instrument can inhibit your creative flow. BRITETone takes care of all these potential problems in an easy one-step process. Valves, mouthpiece receivers, keys, slides, tubes, and all moving parts react instantly and experience less wear due to reduced friction after the easy one-step application.

Sound Synergies® BRITETone Comprehensive Wind Instrument Maintenance & Protection

A Versatile Wind Instrument Maintenance Product

  • Preconditions valve assemblies and valve bores
  • Lubricates keys, key shafts, slides, hinges, springs, rails and pillar posts.
  • Compatible with all valve oils
  • Keeps valve oils fresher and lasting longer between maintenance cycles
  • Prevents stuck mouthpieces, valves and keypads
  • Blocks unhealthy mold, bacteria & virus growth
  • Optimizes metal surfaces for strong, clear projection
  • Reduces friction for extended instrument life
  • Lowest cost per application

Complete Protection with One Wind Instrument Maintenance Formula

When musical instruments are shipped long distances or stored for long periods of time they are subject to oxidation and corrosion. Most valve oils begin to dehydrate and their viscosity increases over time. BRITETone’s compatibility with all valve oils makes it the perfect solution for total instrument protection during shipping and long-term storage. Click on link in the resource section of this page for our report on valve oil compatibility and application. Three sizes are ideal for use in the shop, touring, or in the studio.

Sound Synergies product testimonials are provided as a shared experience from musicians and technicians that have tested our products and proven them in the field.

Clark Mattison on BRITETone®

I have tried out your product on numerous things, including key silencing, all pistons and rotors, trombone slides, woodwind pads, tone holes, mouthpiece stems, spraying my dent balls before my dent ball solution, spring cleaner, neck tenon cleaner (receiver and tenon), cello and violin fingerboard cleaner, volume and tone pot cleaner for electric strings, brass lacquer prep (as a cleaner for hard cut and rouge), lacquer polish…and honestly a ton more. I have put, and still am, this product through many tough challenges beyond what you claim the product will do just as an experiment.

Also the sticky G#, side C and Bb, high F and low Eb issues are eliminated by treating the pad with this spray and following a cleaning procedure. It also works well, surprisingly on the cheap Amazon “new” instruments that have massive play in the keys in brand new condition.

Everything I have used this on has worked wonders. I started by trying it on my personal instruments until I knew how it would work. I have been repairing instruments for 15 years so I know there are things I am still unaware of, yet I have experienced everything from broken tenons to sand casting irreplaceable woodwind keys. I have a side business that does lost wax casting, sand casting, metal and wood turning, and design. I do like the BRITETone® a ton, and am waiting on a shipment for the drum and electronic sprays to try them as well.


Clark Mattison is a brass, woodwind, orchestral string and world instrument repair technician, Sam Ash Music Stores

Professional Bio: Clark Mattison’s experience includes 17 years as an experienced metallurgist, custom casting and restoration consultant, with a demonstrated history of working in the mechanical or industrial engineering industry. Clark has also served Sam Ash Music Stores for the past 14 years as a brass, woodwind, orchestral string and world instrument repair technician.

Sound Synergies® BRITETone Comprehensive Wind Instrument Maintenance & Protection

Available in Aerosol and Non-Aerosol Liquid Trigger Spray

BRITETone wind instrument maintenance formulas are available in aerosol form and comes standard with wide-angle spray cap and 5-inch extension straw for hard to reach areas. Our non-aerosol adjustable trigger sprayers are constructed of durable high-impact plastic and spun aluminum bottles. All rubber plugs and gaskets are made from rugged, long lasting Viton® (fluorocarbon rubber) which has excellent resistance to high temperatures, ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, aromatics and many organic solvents and chemicals. Click here for liquid trigger sprayer assembly instructions.

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Uniquely Effective, Environmentally Responsible Wind Instrument Maintenance

BRITETone’s non-toxic formula is made expressly for use on all metal parts and surfaces of horns, woodwinds and other band & orchestra instruments. BRITETone’s micro films are less toxic than conventional mineral oils and other petroleum based oil lubricants and conditioners. And our dry-to-the-touch films do not migrate or transfer on contact unlike graphite, silicone and Teflon®. The proprietary formulation is the culmination of years of research and development in flex-film technologies, and has been a cornerstone of private label products since 1986.

  • Complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.
  • This is a nontoxic product that is less harmful than methanol alcohol.

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