Ibanez 4-String Bass Guitar

With Used Tarnished Strings

bass guitar test

Gray – Untreated Color – Treated

Vert Axis = dB Horiz Axis = Hertz (Hz) 60-band

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We tested the Ibanez 4-string bass was with used Fender nickel wound medium gauge strings.

We need to briefly discuss why physics does not allow the use of solid strings to achieve low frequencies especially on an electric bass guitar. For strings of finite stiffness, the harmonic frequencies will depart progressively from the mathematical harmonics. Winding additional wire around a solid wire core makes possible the increasing of mass without adding excessive stiffness. This keeps the string frequencies closer to the frequencies of an ideal string. The fundamental range of the electric bass guitar is approximately 41-300 Hz with the harmonic range from 1 kHz to 7 kHz. The Ibanez 4-string bass was tested with used Fender nickel wound medium gauge strings.

The Results
Test results clearly show a dramatic improvement in the lower order harmonics above the fundamental frequencies into the 2.5 kHz range. Applying STRINGTone clearly improved the flexibility of larger mass strings of the bass. This application allowed the strings to vibrate in a more “ideal” mode producing better harmonic response with more instrument definition. The muddiness in the bottom end was cleaned up very nicely with STRINGTone which resulted in a more balanced tonal quality. Nearly all of the bass guitars in our test group showed similar results with STRINGTone application.