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STRINGTone – Ukulele Aloha

Whether you play traditional island tunes or explore contemporary ukulele fusion styles, you’ll love what STRINGTone does for your uke’s sound and feel. STRINGTone increases sonic clarity and brings richer tone to all kinds of ukuleles–tenor, baritone, concert, soprano, etc., by removing sound-deadening grime and residues from strings. It also extends the performance life of […]

LECTRICare – Rain or Shine – Your Road Buddy to Protect Keyboard Gear from Moisture and Humidity

LECTRICare Music Electronics provides powerful solutions for most common problems with keyboard and backline electronic gear. After lifting away grime and dust away from sensitive electronic components, LECTRICare creates a micro-film barrier for long-term conditioning and maintenance. The formula is engineered to keep gear working smoothly under the most demanding conditions–rain and wind, high humidity, […]

Sound Synergies Offers New Life for Drum Gear

DRUM! Magazine interviews Brad Mix about the features of Sound Synergies ProcussionCare® product line. Sound Synergies is a company that has an intriguing line of products for maintaining the performance of drumheads, cymbals, and pedals. According to Brad Mix at Sound Synergies, the company is comprised of musicians who are also lab techs, and they […]

Is Your Wah Wah Pedal Crying the Blues?

Your wah pedal is supposed to make your guitar cry, not make you cry. LECTRICare® is the conductive coating for guitar electronics that solves annoying problems with noise, pops, and clicks more effectively than standard contact cleaners. The product’s dry microfilm barrier technology is an alternative to oil-based contact cleaners that often cause more problems […]

LECTRICare Music Electronics Precision Multi-Tasking Formula for Electronics–Rental & Repair Gear Maintenance– Eliminates Static in 30 Seconds!

Electronic music and sound reinforcement gear performs night after night in shows where pristine sound quality is not a goal–it’s an absolute necessity. LECTRICare® Music Electronics has been developed over years of research for exceptional conditioning and maintenance of critical electronic systems to make certain that the show goes on. Professional sound reinforcement, repair and […]

SoundSynergies – PROcussionCare CymbalCare – No More Black Oxidation Mess on Cymbals and Drums!

Music repair and rental shops, through interaction with drummers and percussionists, are all too familiar with oxidation – it’s the process that causes messy black build-up on cymbals, quickly covering the cymbal surface with black marks that are then transferred to drumheads and drums. These small oxidation deposits grow to eventually restrict the full vibration […]

SoundSynergies® STRINGTone – Make Those Strings Sing for .002¢ a Foot.

In between string changes, maintain optimal tone and response with STRINGTone®, specifically engineered to evaporate in minutes, leaving your strings more resonant, performance-ready, dry-to-the-touch, and incredibly responsive. A micro-thin dry film remains to lubricate and guard against oxidation and corrosion for longer instrument performance life–all without the build-ups and migration of common silicone conditioners that […]