Martin D-35 Acoustic Guitar

With Used Tarnished Strings

accoustic guitar test

Gray – Untreated Color – Treated

Vert Axis = dB Horiz Axis = Hertz (Hz) 60-band

CLICK to see large Spectroscope graph

We tested the Martin D-35 acoustic guitar with medium gauge, bronze strings.

The fundamental range of the acoustic guitar is approximately 82-988 Hz with the harmonic range from 1 kHz to 15 kHz. The used medium gauge, bronze strings on the Martin D-35 acoustic guitar showed a marked improvement in the fundamental frequencies. Fundamental frequencies determine where an instrument “sits” in a music mix.

The Results
We see a steady improvement from the lower to upper harmonic range with this application. Note that strings of certain composition, especially bronze, loose their luster quickly if not cleaned regularly. The classic Martin D-35 also tends to be more robust in the “bottom” end compared to the D-28 model. STRINGTone worked well on this large body dreadnaught by restoring clarity and presence to the instrument immediately with one application.

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