Meet the Sound Synergies Team

Our Mission

Sound Synergies is comprised of musicians, technicians and woodworkers who are dedicated to creating care and conditioning products that actually make a difference in helping your music instruments and gear to sound and function at their best. We have over 100 years of combined experience in woodworking, electronics, tooling and industrial applications. A regular practice using Sound Synergies products can be seen as part of a musician’s practice no less than practicing scales or drum rudiments.

Jim Akers (1934-2017) founded Sound Synergies and its parent company, Multi-Marketing Corporation.  Jim developed innovative products for the consumer and industrial markets for over 30 years.  His unique proprietary formulas and products have addressed many problematic areas that are either ignored or neglected, considered a nuisance and ineffective.  Jim believed in a collaborative effort at every step of product development, production, quality standards, and marketing needs. A philosophy that allows the company to provide the best possible support to our resellers, at all levels, and to the end users of our products.

As president and CEO, Russell Reed manages all aspects of company sales and marketing.  He is dedicated to executing and maintaining the vision of Sound Synergies founder, Jim Akers.  Customer support is his number one priority to ensure positive, long lasting relationships and brand loyalty.  Russell is an avid guitar enthusiast and enjoys playing bass, electric, acoustic and mandolin.

Brad Mix is an expert in marketing communications; designer of SoundSynergies brand identity, NAMM Trade Show booths, collateral materials, and advertising. Brad has 30 years experience and was educated at the prestigious school of Corporate Identity and Art Direction at Kent State University, Ohio.

Tim Reed, our resident drummer and percussionist, has been playing drums for 20 years.  He is primarily responsible for developing and testing our percussion products and accessories.

Lena Huntsman is our artistic director and head of product design. She has a wealth of experience and talent in various areas of art and creative application. Her experience includes but is not limited to working with traditional media (pencils, inks, and various paints), airbrushing; graphic and applied design. She creatively and actively works with product growth and development.

Dean Hart is a graduate of Clover Park Technical College located in Lakewood, Washington.  He spent two years as an assistant instructor after graduating before moving on into the professional trades and earning his journeyman’s certification.  With a strong background in electro-mechanics he has spent the last 35 years working in audio/video post-production. As a sales technician his main areas of responsibility include research and product testing.  He is also a Guild of American Luthiers member.

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