Music instrument maintenance comes of age

We’ve solved your music instrument maintenance problems…

with music gear maintenance products that are designed to enhance sound quality and maximize performance in one simple, easy, and fast application. These scientifically-designed formulas also condition and extend the service life of musical instruments and electronic equipment.

Eight customized formulas are available for strings, brass & winds, and percussion, plus a formula made for electronic components, sound reinforcement, broadcast video, “cinematography”, and sound recording gear.  Custom formulas are available upon request.




Drumkit Maintenance
ProussionCare® with three unique formulas for state-of-the-art drum kit care and conditioning.

• WearBarrier – Optimizes drum sound, extends playing life of heads, keeps brushes sounding cleaner longer.
• CymbalCare – Advanced cymbal care, conditioning and protection.
• PedalLube – The only lubricant formulated specifically for drum pedals and hardware.

All Strings


All Things String and More
STRINGTone® is a penetrating cleaner, conditioner and lubricant for all music instrument strings, fingerboards, tremolos and hardware. Safely removes dirt, grime, oxidation, skin acids, and spent rosin from all gut and metal strings.  Will not harm wood, plastic or sensitive finishes.

Brass & Winds


Brass & Winds
BRITETone® offers advanced instrument care and protection for band & orchestra instruments. Conditions keypads, metals, woods, valves bores and instrument casings; lubricates keys, pillars and slides. Compatible with all valve oils and greases.  Conditions all surfaces and protects against oxidation and corrosion for extended storage periods.



Electronic Components
LECTRICare® gets the job done where others fail.
• Music Electronics – Conductive copolymer coating for electronic music gear.
Stage Sound/Lighting – Engineered for heavy-duty backline, stage, theater, and other sound system applications.
Cine/Broadcast – Precision lubrication and conditioning for the most sensitive components under harsh conditions.

Tool & Shop

DynaGlide Plus® with HD4X™
The perfect shop companion for Luthiers and Music Instrument Repair Technicians
DynaGlide Plus® Tool & Surface is a tri-boundary dry-film lubricant, cleaner and conditioner for tools, surfaces and all metals.

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